10 Cool And Interesting Websites To Have Fun

Everyone likes to be entertained. We often try to take out some time from our busy schedule to entertain ourselves so that it rejuvenates our mind so that we can think better. Either you can read a good book of your choice, listen to music, simply just paint or browse the internet where you go to some sites which offer many fun activities.

We have listed down ten websites where you can actually waste your time in a fun way and enjoy thoroughly. And we are sure as you browse through these sites, there definitely comes a smile on your face.

  1. Touch Pianist



You will love to burst the bubbles as it gives out the note of piano keys. This website allows you to play the piano strings by hitting the keyboard keys. Touch Pianist will definitely bring a smile on your face.


  1. The Faces Of Facebook



As you open this website you will get to see more than 1.2 billion Facebook users profile picture. Click on it and find your display picture in it. It will then make you realize that how big is the Facebook's world.


  1. The Useless Web



Do "waste" your time by visiting The Useless Web which will take you to different useless sites. You just need to click and then have a hearty laugh.


  1. Weave Silk



Just go to this website and check how beautiful images you can make just by a click of your mouse cursor. No matter whatever you draw it will turn out to be beautiful patterns and will look like a silk web.


  1. A Soft Murmur



Put on your headsets and visit ‘A Soft Murmur' and listen to the various nature sounds which will make you feel calm and relax. The sounds of rain, thunder, flowing of a river will remove your stress and give a soothing effect to your brain.

  1. Ana Somnia



Ana Somnia uses your computer's webcam to detect the light in your room and then when you turn off the light of your room you will see your character's head explodes with a dream. This is one of the newest websites which you should try.


  1. Solve The Riddle



You will get to solve many riddles in this website which have multiple levels. After each level the next level becomes complicated. This website comprises of 81 levels.


  1. Is It Normal



In this website, you can ask a question anonymously and get answers from others to know their point of view. You will get many funny and interesting topics here.


  1. Brain Pickings



Brain Pickings is a website where you will learn new things and thus expand your knowledge. This site also offers some useful blog posts. This site will certainly kill your boredom and also teach you new things.


  1. Sneeze The Dragon



This website is powered by Javascript and Ruby. Users just need to click on the computer screen as much time as possible to make the Dragon sneeze harder. This website will make you laugh out loud.

These games are also available on Google Play Store and so you can download it even on your smartphones. Share it with your friends and family and have a gala time.

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