10 Cool Tips To Enhance Your Smartphone Photography

Just holding a good camera doesn’t ensure great photos. It is important to make use of the technology integrated into your smartphone for better photography. It is nothing sort of rocket science, just start exploring your smartphone to find out the best camera options.


With the smartphones offering higher megapixel camera sensors, higher storage capacity and high-quality lens, you can be sure of getting best quality pictures. The smartphone makers are trying to integrate digital camera like features into the compact smartphone. So, make use of these technology-driven camera features to get the best out of it. Here we have listed out few camera tips that can enhance your smartphone photography.

  1. Explore Camera Settings

This is the common mistake that every one of us often make. We just don’t look into the camera settings before taking pictures. Without knowing the actual features that your smartphone camera is offering, it is impossible to make use of it. So have a look at different options and experiment with every feature to understand the concept.


Different smartphones offer different settings. Most of the phones allow you to control focus, ISO sensitivity, exposure and white balance. There include different camera modes that are quite useful and can be changed according to the location in which the picture is taken. So start exploring now and know your smartphone camera better before clicking one.

2. Set Focus Manually

Autofocus is helpful but not all the time. If you want to have a good image then set the focus manually. Right focus is the man key for clicking successful and better quality image.


Almost all smartphones have the feasibility of touch focus. Just a single touch can let you focus on the object that you are intended to click. There includes a manual mode that completely allows you to set the focus.

3. Prefer Multiple Shots

Even if you are a professional photographer, it is hard to get a perfect shot with one click. Take multiple snaps of the focused subject and later you can sort them out. The latest smartphone technology offers you the serial image function that lets you to take series of photos with a single press. Why don’t you use the facility for that one perfect shot?


4. Say No to Digital Zoom

Trying to zoom in the object for better focus? Then you should probably avoid digital zoom as it reduces the image quality. Of course, with the innovative technology in place, smartphones are featuring optical zoom which is fine to use. They don’t enlarge the pixel size while zooming. Optical zoom is a better option over digital zoom.


5. Volume Button can take a Shot

We think most of the people are unaware of this fact. The volume button on the side can click a picture. For those who are unaware it is quite surprising. Many iPhones and Android phones support this feature.


It is quite helpful, especially while taking selfies. It is often painful to click a selfie with the only virtual button. With this option, you will never get back to the virtual button. This feature works both for the front and rear camera. Check your camera app for this exciting and useful feature.

6. Use Panorama Shot While in Transit

Almost all smartphones support panorama mode. If you are focusing on nature or landscape images this mode is the best. Going for a long drive and missing out all those adventurous shots? Now you need not worry as you have the panorama mode.


Clicking a perfect picture of the moving object is quite difficult. So just activate the camera burst mode that clicks multiple images of the moving object. This increases the possibility to have at least one perfect pic.

7. Make Use of LED Flash

Whenever you are missing the appropriate exposure, LED flash is there to provide required flash. However, the subject will seem to be overexposing than usual. In order to prevent exposure, you can use the semi-translucent tape over the flash. This reduces the hardness and makes the photo to look more natural.


8. Set the Camera to High Resolution

The higher the resolution, the better is the image quality. So, while taking images prefer going nearer to the object rather than Zooming in the targeted object. However, the higher resolution images can take enough storage space. You can avoid it by storing the images externally.


9. Avoid using Front camera

Yes, try to avoid using the front camera even for the selfies as it sports lower resolution than the rear camera. The back camera features higher megapixels and is a better option for video conferences.


However, if you cant compromise with the rear camera then there is an option to use both. The Frontback app lets you take photos using both front and rear camera. Now even you can be a part of the group photos.

10. Go for Natural lighting

Lack of natural lighting can also reduce the image quality. Your camera needs enough lighting to make your photos look more welcoming. So, try clicking the pictures under natural lighting. Especially while taking indoor photos, try going nearer to the window for enough lighting.


Don’t use flash option while going for low light photography. The inbuilt camera flash is too harsh to use and is rarely helpful. You also have an option to use an external flash or download night photography apps.


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