10 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know Your Iphone Could Do

Apple.inc is excited about its iPhone's 10th-anniversary release and so are we. The next-gen flagship, dubbed as iPhone 8, is likely to be unveiled in September and Apple lovers can't wait for it. The global giant has been constantly upgrading its features to deliver another level of incredibility in its upcoming gadgets. But, do you know that your current Apple iPhone can also do wonders? Yes, we know that the iPhones are packed with quintessential elements including the extremely popular AI "SIRI", which provides human-like assistance. But are you aware of the diverse reach of your iPhone?

We are sure that an Apple lover claims to know it all about the handset, but today we will introduce you to 10 relatively unknown amazing things you didn't know your iPhone could do. Get ready to be amused!

  1. Location Based Reminders

Apple iPhone users must have used the voice-generated personal assistant Siri to set a time reminder or even place alarm or a memo, such as 'Hey Siri, remind me of Josh's birthday exactly at 12 am today'. But were you aware that besides this time zone attribute, Siri can also help you on location-based reminders? Try this 'Siri, remind me to submit my project to Professor X as soon as I reach college'. The next thing that happens is you will get notified exactly when you step on the college premises!  If you had not discovered this till now then go ahead and try it now. All you need to do is create your contact list with the correct name, address, and relationship. Sounds amazing right?
iphone2. Fast Charging Through Airplane Mode

So if your iPhone is blinking on low battery and you are in a rush for a meeting or a long pending plan, then relax as we got you a trick here. Just put your handset on airplane mode and see how fast it charges. Now that's a relief. Pheww!

3. Access Ebooks With Audio

Apple iPhone comes with a lot of distinctive features in terms of accessibility. One of those is the Speak Screen, which is actually inscribed for the visually impaired users. But, this feature can act as an advantage for any iPhone users which can turn your ebooks into audio books by reading out loud the texts. All you need to do is go to the 'Settings', click the 'General' option followed by 'Accessibility' and active the Speech Screen option. You can even modulate the voice (gender), language and speed of the speech as per your convenience. So, if you don't want to strain your eyes but equally curious to know the next chapter of the series you are reading, then your iPhone can be your storyteller. Relax, sit back and enjoy!

  1. Get A Track Of Everywhere You Have Been

If you want to keep a track on the places you have visited on a day as a  reminder then your iPhone can make things easy for you. It can actually track your every place of visit. All you need to do is go to Settings<Privacy<Location Services<System Services<Frequent locations. Your problem is sorted.

5. Go Hands-Free And Reply Texts With Siri

Why stress about operating the device by holding in hands when you got your buddy to do the work? By buddy, we are referring to Siri here. Usually, when you have to launch Siri, you need long press the home button. But to activate hands-free mode, just enable Hey Siri and you can access the AI every time by calling out 'Hey Siri'. You can even respond to the received texts using Siri or can ask your personal assistant to set a reminder to read and reply later. Now that solves a lot of problem, isn't it?


  1. Save Time Via 3D Touch

This feature is found in the 2015 and 2016 iPhone models. It helps to create shortcuts to your favorite apps and save a lot a time. That's not all. This feature works from the locked screen as well once activated. You can just long press the notification bar on the locked screen and directly access the reply option. You can use the feature for other apps too. Explore more today!

  1. Get Instant Medical Info From Lock Screen

You first need to feed the medical information in the health app and then can access the same during the time of emergency. No need to go through opening the app and following process. Just tap the emergency feature on your iPhone and check the Medical ID button for immediate access to information.

  1. Modify Texts Through Hidden Trackpad

This is a key feature needed at the time of typing something. While you are composing a text or email and you suddenly realize that you need to rectify something in between the text. All you need to do is long press the keyboard and an additional cursor will pop up on your iPhone screen. This will act like a trackpad. Now you can drag the cursor as per your requirement and set things right.

  1. Open Music App With Your Earphones

This will excite you the most if you are a music lover and like to spend long hours listening to the latest tracks. Your iPhone can instantly launch the music app or your playlist as soon as you plug in your earphones. That's just perfect!

  1. Let Siri Find Photos Quickly

You just simply need to ask Siri to find the pictures based on the time or location. You can direct Siri by asking 'Hey Siri show me the photos from 2016 taken in Dubai' and boom! your photos are right there. This feature is applicable for users with iOS 9 handsets. Siri, you are such a darling!


Apple iPhones are wrapped with high-end technologies. So, there is definitely more to your iPhone then you are aware of. Discover the best of your device today!

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