10 Interesting SnapChat Filters You Should Try

Snapchat is one of the popular messaging apps that mainly attract the young audience. It has many cool tricks that enhance the fun-filled experience with SnapChat.


Snapchat Filters also known as ‘lenses’ makes this feature more attractive. These filters make it compete with its rivals. However, these lenses vary according to the location.

Here let us have a quick look at the most popular and interesting Snapchat filter that you must try out.

Dog with Hanging Tongue

How would look like if you are a dog? Very Funny! Snapchat Dog filters let you change your look. Though not accurate, the animated tongue is something interesting to talk about. It even covers the nose of your face. The filter thins your face, widens your eyes and smooths the skin.


Hip Glasses

Let’s be honest and say that we are with Snapchat only to enjoy different looks on these filters. John Lennon was the person who made these Hip Glasses popular. Along with those John Lennon glasses, the catchy background music adds more fun.


Face Swap

SnapChat is always been different. Face Swap is the must-try filter with SnapChat. The ability of the filter to swap one to face to another is seamlessly different and impressive. Those mismatched faces are completely comic to watch.


Puking Rainbow

Sounds Good right! Yes, even the filter make you look awesome with rainbow colours. Just open your mouth and find rainbow colours flowing out.


Golden Butterfly Crown

This is one of the prettiest filter available. Apart from just placing a magical golden crown around your head, it even enhances your look with a flawless skin. It ends up giving you an impression of having Golden butterfly crown with some nude lipstick shade.


Classic Flower Crown and Glow

Everyone loves flower crown. This filter lets your dream of fairy princess come true. The classic flower crown definitely adds up to have a more classic look.


Food Filter

This filter literally replaces the face with one of the food choices. This is a bit exciting and interesting to hear. You can change your face according to the favourite food choice. Thanks to the people working on these filters.


Extreme Sad Face

Sometimes you wish to have a sad look on your face. Here is a filter designed for you that makes you look extremely sad. The downward drooping mouth, sad eyes just give you the feel of reality.


Seasonal Filters

These handy filters let you have the feel of cold. You can easily let someone know that it is so cool over there. You even have the option to add temperature filter on the top.

Beard Filters

Lacking facial hair on your face? Want to know your look with a beard? Here is a filter for you. This is really amazing for people who don’t have facial hair.


All these seem interesting right! Then what are you waiting for? If you are already using snapchat then you should definitely try out these Snapchat Lenses.

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