10 Quick Tips to Speed up Your Android Phone

Own an Android Phone? Did you find it not as fast as it was in the beginning? Don’t panic! This is the common problem with all Android smartphones in UAE. Even the high-end smartphones tend to slow down after few months of use. Not to Worry! Here is a guide to make your phone run faster again. Try these 10 Quick tips on your Android phone to make it run at full speed.


Free Up Storage Space

Yes, free up the storage space. Your phone needs some space to run smoothly. If the device is low in space then automatically the device performance is affected.

Every photo we click and every app installed takes some of the CPU space. So, manage it accordingly to free up storage space. Check-in Storage section of settings to know how much space is free.  Uninstalling the unused apps also frees up some space. Clear cache data in case you find a shortage of space.


You can even uninstall or disable the preloaded apps that come with your Android device. If you are unable to uninstall, just disable the apps to prevent them from running and using the resources.

Uninstall Unused or troublesome apps

It is sure that we have many apps on our device that are of no use. But they are still there taking up CPU resources. Clear all those unused apps. If you suspect any app that is troublesome then uninstall it immediately. You can even identify these troublesome apps in the Advanced Task Manager.


To uninstall, go to Settings --> Apps. Identify the troublesome or unnecessary apps and uninstall. Unused apps can be identified using Files Go.

Prefer Lightweight version of apps

If you are using an entry-level smartphone that holds in limited space and memory then prefer using the lightweight version of apps that enhance the overall performance.


Facebook Lite is one such app that utilizes limited resources and provides similar features as the regular app. It works on devices with 2G connection and having as low as 1GB RAM. Even Google’s Youtube, Google Search, Twitter and Skype have the lightweight versions.

Ensure latest update of Software is installed

It’s good to stay updated. This is especially good with the smartphones. With the software updates, manufacturers try to include bug fixes, new features that enhance the performance which speeds up the device.


Few companies release monthly updates to ensure fixes to the security vulnerabilities. However, there are few users who are not bothered to install these updates.

To ensure great performance make sure to have the software updated to latest version.

Control widgets on Home Screen

Cut back all those live wallpapers and widgets on Home screen. These widgets consume enough resources and in turn, there is a possibility of slow down of your device. However, this again depends on the Smartphone you are using. If it is an older Smartphone then it cannot handle too many widgets or wall papers.


Though the new Smartphones doesn’t have much impact, the animated wallpapers definitely affect the device performance. It can even reduce the battery life. Prevent using such widgets to protect your device and battery.

Prefer changing Launcher

For the older versions of Android, the device speed boosts up by changing to the new browser. Remember that the browser that comes in with the OS will not be updated unless the actual OS is updated. Try changing the browser and experience increase in speed of your device.


If you have a device running on Android 6.0 or higher version and if you feel that it is getting slow down then try installing Google Chrome to find the difference.

Keep an Eye on Background processing

If the apps keep running the background then there is every chance of battery draining out and in turn affects the performance. So, have some control over the background process to save battery life and increase the speed of the device.


Control Startup programs

For a proper timely reboot, control the startup programs. Try using the application Autostart to manage these startup applications. This will manage the programs that need a start automatically.


Reboot Your Device

The best way to make your device perform faster is to simply reboot it. This can help in clearing the cache and stop unnecessary background applications. Tap Hold the power button to Reboot or restart the device.


Turn Off Bluetooth When Not in Use

Battery life is the main key to the device performance. You need to save as much as battery life to speed up the device. Turn off unused apps like Bluetooth, Radio when not in use. Though there wouldn’t be much difference it can definitely save your battery life.


Though not impressive, the tips specified can definitely yield some positive results. Try these tips to boost up the speed of your Android Smartphone in UAE.

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