10 Unknown Facts About Microsoft That Will Blow Your Mind

Microsoft Corporation has been in the industry for over four decades now. With about 1,28,000 employees worldwide and a revenue of $93.27 Billion, Microsoft is one of the most valuable brands in the world after Apple. Microsoft still stands as the first choice of most of the people and has an undisputed dominance over the computer industry. So, most of the people are always passionate to know about the Microsoft, its people, Bill Gates and road map. So, we have jotted down some mind-blowing facts about the company which you surely don’t know.

1. The Name was “Micro-Soft”

Microsoft Was once named Micro-Soft. Well, in the initial days of Microsoft, the company was titled as Micro-Soft. In the year 1976, the hyphen was deleted. The word Microsoft is the combination of microcomputer and software.

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2. Employees are called “Softie”

Microsoft’s Software employees view themselves as ‘softies’. Rumors are that an average softie gets a starting average salary up to $106,000. Microsoft currently employs over 88,180 employees working across 32,404,796 square feet of Microsoft’s premises. The male to female ratio among Microsoft is 76-24%.

3. The Favorite Food in Microsoft Campus is Pizza

Pizza is the most preferred food in Microsoft’s biggest cafeteria. Each year more than 25 million free beverages (Milk and Orange juice) are made available to the Microsoft staffers. Free candy too is included in the list. Although it cannot be compared with Google regarding food. However, Microsoft has around 35 cafeterias serving more than 37,000 people each day and pizza is the most favorite and popular meal on the menu, which tops the list.


4. Bill Gates Hacked his School Computer to Meet Girls

Recently, Bill Gates admitted that he had hacked his school computers to meet girls.  He also admitted that the school authorities enrolled him in the class where he was the only boy. That's interesting!

5. Anniversaries with M&M candy

Like in many big companies, Microsoft also follows its own set of culture and tradition, which is set by Bill Gates. It’s customary for “Softies” (Employee of Microsoft) to celebrate their M&M anniversary with M&M candy each year. The entire Microsoft employee is expected to bring one pound of M&M candies for each year they have worked. It became a habit for the employees to celebrate the anniversary with M&M candy.

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6. Microsoft Campus Full Of Bunnies

It goes like this, one day someone brought bunnies to the Microsoft campus, soon one led to another and there was a large group of reproducing rabbits and now bunny proliferation is a long-term issue in the Redmond campus of Microsoft. How cute is that!

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7. Microsoft Never Sells its Software

One interesting fact about Microsoft is that it never sells a software. It Licenses its software and enjoys full retaining rights. Buyers have to pay for the license and then have to use it, a system developed by Bill gates.

8. Want To Crack A Job In Microsoft? Be Prepared For The Weirdest interview!

Microsoft has a very strange tradition of asking very weird and off beat question during an interview. Mostly it asks you the non-IT type of question to check your creativity and logic and also to session whether they can sustain in the company in any type of format or not. Some popular questions are given below:

Why is a manhole cover always round?

Design a coffee maker that will be used by astronauts?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Rumor says that Google also has imitated this style.


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9. When Microsoft Saved its Arc Competitor Apple From Bankruptcy

In 1997, Microsoft stopped Apple from bankruptcy by investing about $150 Million in Apple. Later, Steve Jobs announced this on stage to the audience. In 1997, Apple had been losing money badly. They were very nearly broke. There was an outstanding lawsuit against Microsoft, but the odds of ever getting a dime from the giant was nearly zero. Microsoft was threatening to pull Office from the Mac.  Apple was out of ideas. Until, in August, Jobs (then just an advisor) negotiated a deal where Microsoft would invest $150M in Apple in exchange for promising to drop the lawsuit, and making Internet Explorer the default browser on the Mac.  August 1997 will go down as the month where Microsoft saved Apple.

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10. When Microsoft Was 7 years Ahead of Apple In Smartphone Industry

Microsoft made debut in smartphone market seven years before Apple unveiled its iPhones. As we know how popular are iPhone today but Microsoft introduced Windows Mobile on PDA’s and smart phone in the early 2000 and iPhones were launched nearly seven years ago after Microsoft Smartphones.

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