10 Untold Facts about The Facebook

Facebook has transformed the way of connecting online with our friends and family to another level altogether. As per a survey for March 2017, there are almost 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users across the world. 14th May is the day when the intelligent Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook was born. And today, we bring you 10 untold facts about Zuckerberg, which you have never heard before.


The Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Facebook Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born on 14th May 1984 in America. The computer programmer and internet entrepreneur as of March 2017 is the fifth richest man in the world. Because of this social platform, people are connected to their near and dear ones from all over the world and we just cannot thank Mark enough for this.
Today we bring you 10 untold facts about Mark Zuckerberg, which you have never heard before.

1. Facebook follows a ‘’Blue’’ theme. Have you ever wondered why not any other color? It is because Mark suffers from color blindness and finds hard to identify red-green colors accurately. And this is why Facebook follows a blue theme.
2. Mark is a multilinguist, which means he can speak and write more than one languages. He is well versed in Latin, Hebrew, Mandarin, and French and much more.

3. In 2013 he announced that he will be drawing only $1 per year and the rest will be donated. Mark Zuckerberg the father of Facebook withdraws a modest salary of $1 annually.

4. Zuckerberg was skilled in programming languages right from an early age of 13. He even created a messaging app “Zucknet” for his family.

5. The CEO’s profile includes some unique features. You cannot block him on Facebook. Go ahead and try!

6. Another interesting feature of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile is, that it is managed by twelve people who have been hired to manage his Facebook status, photos, and messages.

7. Attracted by his intelligence giant companies like AOL and Microsoft had offered him some impressive deals but he firmly refused.

8. Mark, for the very first time, met Priscilla Chan, his better half, at the weirdest pace that is in the queue for a toilet.

9. In 2004 when Facebook started it was only for university graduates as “Thefacebook.com” but later on in 2006 it was open for all and since then it became our dearest social network.

10. Mark Zuckerberg is fond of hackers! In many occasions, he has been found saying “it’s OK to break things to make them better”.

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