10 Useful Tips For the Best Portrait Photography

Are you looking out for the stunning portrait photography? Want to make it look similar to the one taken by the professional photographers? Then just follow these simple useful tips that can enhance the beauty of portraits shots. The best portrait can capture the viewer attention and sometimes can even convey the feelings. From finding the perfect settings to the perfect location, everything matters. Portrait photography is not that simple as it sounds to be. However, it is not that tough to learn and understand the skills. Here, let us go through few simple tips that can make your portrait photography look stunning.


1. Know Your Camera Settings

Before starting to work on portrait shots, first know about your camera and its settings. Any type of camera can feature the best portrait shots. The only thing differs is in terms of settings that you are using while portrait photography. For beginners or the professional shooters, the mirrorless camera, DSLR or film cameras are the best options. These cameras can deliver high-resolution images. Choose the right camera that suits your needs and try to discover the best camera settings for portrait shots. Check for the exposure and composition that can make the subject look bright enough. For best results, you can prefer using reflectors.


2. Look For Proper Background

Mind your surroundings! Though you are focusing mainly on the subject, it is equally more important to have a proper background while shooting portrait photos. Let the background never interfere with the subject and keep it simple. However, it further depends upon the requirement. Some portraits require having a colorful background to make the subject stand out. So, experiment with different background and select the one that is ideal for that shot.


3. Portrait Lighting

Lighting plays a prominent role in taking portrait shots. Clicking portrait images in natural lighting makes it look more natural with proper skin tones. However few shots required to have a flash that can be taken indoors with proper setting. In some cases, shooting outdoor seem to be tricky as we cannot control the light. Avoid the subject to stand in front of the sun as it makes it brighter. To highlight some parts of the face, it is better to use an external flash. While shooting indoors, make sure to use proper lighting that is evenly spread across.


4. Choose the Perfect Shooting Angle

Choosing the best shooting angle can make a huge difference especially in the picture quality. When shooting outdoors, try considering the lighting as an important factor and adjust the angles accordingly. While shooting kids, prefer bending down to knees for best photos. Walk around and click the pictures from multiple angles to get the perfect portrait shot.


5. Take Multiple Shots

There is no loss in taking multiple shots than sticking on to single shot. Shoot the picture from different angles, expressions, and poses. Use different backgrounds, shoot inside or shoot outside. Change outfits or change make up. We never know what shot gives you a perfect portrait image you are looking for. Apply your creativity and take multiple shots continuously. Later shortlist all those great portraits that look more natural.

6. Proper lens Choice Matters

Another important aspect while shooting portraits is choice of lens. Shooting the images using low angle lens makes the subject look taller than usual. Wide angle lens is the best option for better portrait shots. To make it look more dramatic, just tilt the camera to the certain angle. Telephoto lens creates great portraits. Just zoom into the subject for better focus and reduce the background on the display. The iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 can give you better portraits shots as they use two lenses to blur the background.


7. Use Multiple Apertures

Try capturing portrait shots using different apertures. The wide aperture lens blurs the background and highlights the subject. While the small aperture focuses the entire scene into the picture. For good portrait shots, it is wise to choose between f/2.0 to f/5.0 aperture.


8. Focus on Eyes

Eyes are the important soul that many professional photographers overlook. Any portrait image can seamlessly look dull when the eyes are hidden or shadowed. In order to get stunning portrait photography, keep your emphasize on eyes. Make sure that the eyes look sharp and have enough amount of lighting. You can probably use Autofocus on eyes to ensure that it is sharp enough.


9. Prefer Dedicated Flashgun

Instead of the built-in flashgun, it is better to use a separate dedicated flashgun. This allows you to have a brighter light with smaller apertures and can capture more depth of the targeted subject. The dedicated flashgun offers you wide range of control options. It even allows capturing portrait imaged from different angles.


10. Seek Help If Necessary

In case you need someone to hold the reflector then seeking help is a better option. To make the model feel comfortable and relax. You can hire someone from outside to do this job or ask the model to get someone. The interns from the local photography can help you in this case.

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