Google Pixel Smartphone to launch in Middle East

The much-awaited news has been confirmed by the Global CEO of Google Inc., Mr. Sundar Pichai, that Google Pixel smartphones will be launched in the Middle East soon. However, no specified time has been mentioned by the company. In fact, Sundar Pichai, while speaking to Arabian Business mentioned that the launch will take place within two years, as the company still needs time to prepare for it. The only surety of time is within two years, which is good enough anyway! In another statement, the CEO mentioned that “We are committed to bringing everything we do, everywhere – and that’s how we think about it. We just need a bit more time. We are early in our journey, which is why (the Pixel smartphone) is not in the Middle East. I wish we were there.” This clearly gives us an idea of their strong belief and commitment-based strategy, so we

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai

Have you ever wondered what there is about the city of Dubai that makes it one of the biggest tourist hubs around, where a large number of tourists go down every year with their families and friends? Those who haven’t ever visited the Middle East wish to fly to Dubai at least once in their lives, because of the wonders and attractions the city has to offer. If you really are curious about it, it’s time to get to know Dubai! There is a lot to do in Dubai. However, you can prioritize your time according to the must-dos during your visit to this wonderful city: Burj Khalifa: It is simply impossible to visit Dubai and leave without going all the way to the top of the world’s tallest building! It simply doesn’t go unnoticed, because of its height and the interesting factors surrounding it. Once inside the building, there

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Gold Price in Dubai

Dubai, the City of Gold has always been well known for its gold trade and dealing. Almost all tourists who visit Dubai like to explore the famous gold market called the Deira Gold Souk, in old Dubai. Souk is an Arabic word for Market and, according to estimation, around 10 tons of gold is present all the time in Gold Souk, Dubai for trade. The government of Dubai has outdoor signs in all prominent gold trade markets across Dubai that display live gold rates to ensure transparency in gold trading. Authorities also ensure that goods being traded in the market are of the best quality, and that there is no cheating in terms of purity. Dubai so far is well known for the quality of the gold traded in its markets, and any purchases made in Dubai Gold Souk is definitely genuine. The purity of gold is measured in Carats.

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Nokia phones to return with Android OS in 2017

Rumours have been surfacing in the media that Nokia is all set to release their first smartphone with Android OS. But the question is, is it really a rumour or is there some truth to it? Let’s find out! Earlier this year, the information was leaked with a slight idea of the specifications of Nokia’s C1 bearing Android OS. Following the news, there were more rumours about the launch of the phone in a ceremony taking place in the year 2016. However, to clear out any confusions, Nokia took a step forward and announced the news with a clear-cut statement, which proved many rumours to be wrong and a few to be right! Due to arrive early during 2017, Nokia is all set to release its first series of handsets with Android OS. The announcement was made back in May which suggested that the company is returning with Nokia branded

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Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 – Deals and Offer DSF 2017

It is that time of the year again when flocks of tourists land in Dubai in great holiday spirits, aiming to make the most of the New Year with friends and family. However, it is not only Christmas and New Year that brings people around the world to Dubai during this time of the year. There’s another big attraction, the Dubai Shopping Festival, which offers the best deals of the year! Interestingly, shopaholics save a decent amount of money throughout the year to get their favourite products at discounted prices, and to avail giveaways from their favourite outlets! However, some of the deals offered are so unbelievably attractive that some tourists end up saving much more money than expected. The Dubai Shopping Festival will Start from December 26, 2016, to January 28, 2017 Like every year, the 2017 Dubai Shopping Festival has also just begun with a bang… or we

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Upcoming Top 10 Mobile Phones in 2017 in UAE

As the year 2016 is ending and the year 2017 is approaching, people around the world are celebrating the coming of the new year with prayers and determined resolution while the gadget geeks and smartphone lovers are eagerly awaiting the release of the most exciting Mobile phones with fresh outlook, upgraded features and much more to look forward to. With a high competition in the category, every company planning to release new models of smartphones aims to wow the users with its uniqueness. It could be a single feature that makes a phone stand out and attract many users towards it. The basis is an idea, An idea that ignites the spark and gives birth to a new way style. To all the Mobile phone lovers out there, your wait is over. has compiled and brought together the 10 top Mobile phones to look forward to in the year

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New Year 2017 Dubai – Events and Party 2017 New Year Dubai UAE [Guide]

The new year is celebrated in different ways all around the world. Some people prefer celebrating with family, while others prefer a road trip with friends to ring in the end of another year. New Year 2017 is approaching and people have already started planning, not only for the New Year’s Eve, but also for the whole year with promising resolutions. Everyone looks forward to a great start with New Year 2017, and so Dubai prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a bang. Dubai’s all set to brighten up the beginning of the new year, and add colours to the night as a symbol of hope and celebrations for the year to come. It also marks the end of a great year on a positive note, to keep everyone motivated.

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Christmas 2016 Festivals in Dubai UAE – [Events Guide]

That time of the year is here again when everybody is all geared up to enjoy the spirit of Christmas during the cold nights of the holiday season, with lights, colors, big smiles, and the hustle and bustle on the streets and in the malls. As Christmas 2016 is approaching, people are preparing all around the world to welcome yet another promising year, and celebrate the big day with their friends and family. Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, Christmas themed decorative items, dresses, food items, furniture, and so on, are all out in the market, all of a highly unique nature. And when it comes to celebrations and festivals, Dubai doesn’t lag behind. If you plan to spend your Christmas 2016 holidays in the Middle East, Dubai is the place that offers not just great deals on different items, but also a number of activities to enjoy with your family and

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