Nokia 3310 2017 Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to use the Nokia 3310 in this time and age? Surely that’s a thought that never crossed the earlier Nokia 3310’s user’s mind, in the current decade. It was one of the most reliable, and highly-demanded phones back then. And after going off the grid for a while, much to everyone's surprise the Nokia 3310 has decided to come back into the market, with the ultimate re-launch in this present time. It aims to come back as an affordable backup for the current smartphone users. It is indeed one of the most popular phones from the earlier days that many people from all around the world have used. Interestingly, what made it popular was its strong and apparently indestructible body! According to the rumours, the reincarnation of this phone will include four games including the most popular one, which is Snake II. Moreover,

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Top Cameras of 2017

A camera is such a tool that may appear to be only a machine but it holds the power of capturing moments that can leave a big impact on your mind, triggering memories every time you see a picture from the past. Moreover, it is a tool that also helps in experiencing a moment by just viewing a picture, whether you were physically present in that moment or not. Gone are the times when cameras could only be afforded by the elite class.  It has become more accessible and affordable over time. In fact, majority of the world just simply make use of a phone camera, if they don’t possess a professional camera. However, there are so many categories in digital cameras these days, that vary in price, type of use, and results, that one has many options to choose from, depending on the need. Here is a list of

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Nokia’s Going to Re-Launch 3310, Nokia 6,8,5, and P1

With all that has been going on in the world of smartphones, one can easily admit that Nokia is the brand that is hogging all the attention from smartphone geeks, as well as critics, with the numerous teasers and hints on the re-launch of multiple Nokia smartphones. The hype is not just because of the brand name, but interestingly it’s also for the promising features and the new design factors that have people around the globe waiting in anticipation for the re-launch. Now, with all the hype created by Nokia about the upcoming surprises, the re-launch will prove if it was all worth it! Here are the five most popular ones that are worth mentioning: Nokia 3310 Dubai, UAE Does the name ring a bell? It probably does and sounds unbelievable, but it is true! Termed as the most reliable phone ever made, the Nokia 3310 is coming back into

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Honor 6X Review

Huawei made its reputation in the world of smartphones by introducing very reasonable smartphones with competitive features. Huawei honor is the series that gained much popularity in the market because of its affordability factor combined with high performance offering a complete package for smartphone lovers. Honor 6X doesn’t fail to impress in this matter either.   Although Honor 5X had a lot to offer, it still missed out on a few factors that made the release of honor 6X more meaningful and anticipated. The size of the phone is rather small, making it look like a mini version of Mate 9 by Huawei with a metal back complemented by plastic top and bottom finished with curvilinear edges that make it different from its predecessors. Overall, the design is rather simple with enhanced and upgraded features to make live up to the expectations from it. For example, the display of the

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