Nokia 9 rumoured to have Android 7.1.2 Nougat, iris scanner, 6GB RAM and much more

One of the biggest mobile manufacturing company, Nokia, which once ruled over the globe for about a decade, faced its first debacle after the launch of Android OS and iOS.  To compete with its counterparts, Nokia made a fatal mistake of producing only Windows phones, which turned out to be a major fiasco. Nokia, later, sold its maximum share to Microsoft corporation. However, to fight back its position in the smartphone industry, Nokia decided to relaunch its Android Nokia mobiles in 2017. After making some interesting announcements about the launch of its upcoming handsets including Nokia Edge and Nokia 8, the company is apparently all set to amuse the consumers further with its latest handset Nokia 9. Nokia 9, the highly anticipated but yet to be confirmed flagship Nokia Android phone, has once again been leaked. According to a new report, the Nokia 9 top-end smartphone - which was earlier

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Apple to launch its first curved screen iPhone handsets

If rumors are to be believed, Apple has placed an order for 70 million bendable Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels with Samsung to use in the next iPhone handsets. The new premium iPhone 8 models, which are likely to be launched in late 2017, will be waterproof and can be charged wirelessly. It will be the first time when Apple will adopt a curved OLED screen for its iPhones, marking a major overhaul and generating high expectations for the model. Apple is expected to launch three iPhone 8 models for the handset's 10th anniversary. The premium iPhone 8, which is believed will cost more than $1,000, will sport a slightly curved OLED screen. That panel is expected to have a screen of 5.2 inches. The other two handsets, measuring 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, will adopt existing liquid crystal display technology without curved screens. Besides, the major new model will apparently

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12 Most Exciting New Tech Products Launching in 2017

2017 seems to be an exciting year for the gadget geeks as it has brought in some of the amazing tech products. But, Holla! it doesn't just stop here. Companies are up with arms to bring out some more of the revolutionary products ranging from laptops, smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones to gaming consoles to amuse the consumers further. There are also more incredible products like invincible action cameras, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, a mobile printer and a compact phone charger, which are on the list. To give you a gist of the upcoming gizmos, here is a list of 12 most exciting tech products launching in 2017: A new version of Microsoft's Surface Pro We didn't get a new Surface Pro in 2016 — that's the first calendar year with no refresh since the Surface Pro debuted. We'll be overdue for an update in 2017, so it's pretty reasonable to

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15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

The craze for Apple iPhone series is perennial among the masses. Be it for the brand, its sleek metallic body engraved with that iconic apple logo or it's quintessential features, iPhones can never go out of the trend. Recently, people went gaga when Apple unveiled the red colored variant of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The limited edition was brought out in collaboration with Apple's 10-year old partner RED, an organization that fights against AIDS. Even though the iPhone users claim to know it all about the handset, there are a few features that are relatively unknown. So, if you own an iPhone or are a gadget enthusiast, this article bets to escalate your interest to another level as we bring you 15 incredible facts which you probably didn't know iPhones can do. 1. It can charge much faster if you turn it on airplane mode- Just put

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Nokia 6 teardown: built like a tank

Nokia 6 provided strongest by test report, Nokia is still launching its smartphone with same solid manufacturing. Nokia has metal plate below the screen which gives the phones some extra rigidity. That screen comes up with 19 screws which are solidly built in feature by Nokia 6. the Nokia 6 actually proved easy to take apart with everything organized in such a way as to minimize the chance of you snapping something you shouldn’t. Here is the complete video:

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Gitex Deal of the Day: Buy an HP 15.6-inch laptop from Emax and save Dh897

Gitex is going on in Dubai, Now you can buy HP 15.6-inch laptop (HP 15-AY131NE model) from Emax and save AED 647 and AED 250 as a cash back. The actual cost of the laptop was AED 2249 but the customer only needs to pay AED 1999. The laptop has the specifications of i5 7200 2.5 GHZ and 7th generation intel Chipset including 8GM of RAM and 1TB of the harddisk. The best thing is it is all in one laptop includes HDMI, headphone, two USB 2.0, 3.1 USB and many other functions which best generation laptop has. The bundles are LG music flow worth Dh349, backpack worth Dh149, headphone, mouse and internet security worth Dh149.

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