HTC U, The Powerful Flagship of HTC To Get May Release!

HTC is up on heels to make a powerful comeback to the smartphone industry this year. The popularity of the top Taiwanese brand was overshadowed in the past few years with the advent of beautifully designed high-end feature phones by its competitors such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and others. So the giant tech company is gearing up to bring out their best from the basket to reclaim their position in the market. Earlier this year, HTC unveiled their two handsets, HTC U Ultra and HTC Ultra Play, which were initially rumored to be the flagship phones of the brand. But, denying to the gossips, HTC clarified that they are yet to reveal their next flagship phone. A lot of speculations poured in after HTC hinted towards their highly-anticipated upcoming flagship phone. The smartphone, which is dubbed as HTC U or HTC Ocean, is pitched to be one of the most

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Top 5 Trending Technical Gadgets of 2017

Development in digitalization never fails to amaze us. It witnesses frequent revolutionary changes in the technical world. And with every step towards advancement, mankind reaches to a new height. Consistent augmentation enhances human lifestyle and sets new records for the next generation.  Talking about digitalization, we bring you the top five trending gadgets of 2K17, which will boggle your minds. 1- Apple iPhone 8 On its 10th anniversary the giant conglomerate, Apple.inc is geared up to launch their premium flagship smartphone iPhone 8 in the next quarter of the year. The glass bodied, bezel-less, iPhone8 will come with a 5.8 inch AMOLED curved edge to edge display. Based on rumors, the home button could be discarded and the TouchID sensor could be placed under the screen. Apple iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging, however, it is not confirmed that it will come with the product or as a separate accessory.

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Apple Patents Way To Charge iPhone Over Wi-Fi

Apple likes to inculcate new innovations into their gadgets. As per the latest report, the global giant has registered a patent to charge their iPhones and iPads wirelessly without using the signals emitted by radio frequencies such as Wi-Fi. We were already tipped that Apple is trying to implement the wireless charging concept in its upcoming handsets. This will be a revolutionary initiative by Apple, where iPhone users will be able to charge their handsets without physically plugging the cable. The tech conglomerate had earlier adapted the long-range wireless charging in its iMac. Following the positive response, it had been working on making it applicable to its other devices. It was touted that Apple will introduce some revolutionary changes in its upcoming flagship, dubbed as iPhone 8, for its 10th anniversary release. Sources revealed that Apple has signed an alliance with the Wireless Power Consortium to work out on this

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