The Great Gadget Deals, Gitex Shopper is Back Again in Dubai!

So the Big Sale is back again! Gitex has declared its deals on its websites on the iPhone 7, Huawei Mate 9, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC U Ultra, GoPro, and PlayStation.   The highly anticipated exhibition is back again in Dubai. Gitex Shopper will commence from September 23 to September 30 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.   The exhibition will be held at Za'abeel Halls from 11 am to 11 pm, Gitex announced on its website. You can enter the grand exhibition by just paying Dh 30.   Top brands like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung will offer their top class models at discounted rates and will also give many attractive offers. Gitex has already announced great deals on iPhone 7, Huawei Mate 9, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC U Ultra, GoPro, and PlayStation.   If you want to get a massive tech bargain, and want to have had fewer troubles

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Here are some interesting facts about the Microsoft CEO : Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella, the CEO of the giant Microsoft just turned 50. And today we have brought some interesting facts about the first non-American CEO who succeeded Steve Ballmer in 2014. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992. He played an important role in bringing some of Microsoft's most popular technologies like database and Windows server and developer tools, to the cloud in the form of Azure. Let us quickly go through some of the unheard facts of the CEO of Microsoft:  Satya Nadella was born in Hyderabad, India. He did his schooling from Hyderabad Public School and studied electronics and communication engineering at Manipal University.   After, Nadella’s schooling and graduation in India, he moved to the US in 1988 to pursue his masters in computer science from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He also holds an MBA from University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.   Before joining Microsoft, Nadella worked at

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Google Pixel 2 Just Like HTC U11 To Get The ‘Edge Sense’ Technology

HTC has introduced the ‘edge sense’ feature in HTC U11. The ‘edge sense’ feature lets you squeeze the sides of the handset and navigate the phone. And rumor mills are rife that the same feature could be included in Google Pixel 2 as well. Let us remind you again that HTC will make the forthcoming Pixel 2. A document has been filed with the FCC, which is an agency in the US which regulates communications between states. And the document has recently been filed by the HTC has cleared out these rumors and has proved them to be facts   As per this documentation by HTC the company wants certification for a device that has been labeled as the NM8G011A. The G in this name stands for Google, hence confirms that HTC will be making the next Google phone. The smaller Pixel 2 device is going to be made by

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Download Free Music from InsTube!

InsTube is a popular video and music downloader app for Android. This app lets the users download music or video from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. InsTube is a user-friendly app and doesn’t require any sign-up process. Just download the InsTube app and start using the app to download online media.   The app also has a video locker option which lets you make private storage space on your device which helps you to protect your personal data at the specified location.   You can even convert videos from YouTube into MP3 format. This app also offers you a feature to download videos with a password. InsTube supports formats like 3GP, MP3, MP4 & M4A video. However, you will not get this app in Google Play Store. And is also not available for the iOS platform. You have to download the app from the official website

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iPhone 8 images leaked by McDonald’s

We are close to the release of the highly-anticipated iPhone 8. It is that the sophisticated phone will be unveiled in mid-September. And we have seen many leaked specs of the stylish handset.   And the recent one is McDonald the famous fast food restaurant chain who leaked the images of iPhone 8 to publicize their application. McDonald's has their own mobile application from where you can place orders and also avail offers and discounts.   In Australia, subscribers to the McDonald’s newsletter today took the surprise in their inbox – in the email – of several images of the iPhone 8 with the fast-food chain app running. And these images have begun to spread in social networks quickly as if McDonald’s had leaked the final design of the iPhone 8.   In Australia, people who have subscribed to the McDonald’s newsletter were surprised to see images of the iPhone

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Finally, Nokia 8 is Available For Pre-Order Now!

Nokia the King of Mobiles are back with an exclusive array of Android smartphones. Nokia 8 has been made official by HMD Global a few days back. We have seen many leaked images and features of the upcoming handset which will be unveiled in September. Nokia 8 was expected to be priced at the higher end, but HMD Global announced that the device will be at a much cheaper price and will easily fit in your budget.   The upcoming device is now available for pre order in Europe, Germany, and Russia. Nokia 8 in Europe will cost 705USD (AED 2591). In Germany, you can pre-order from O2 or Mobilcom Debitel where Nokia 8 will cost 680USD (AED2500).   The smartphone will also be available in Telekom, Media Markt, Saturn, and Amazon in the country. If you order the handset from O2 you will get a free Nokia Steel smartwatch,

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks: A Deep Sea Blue color variant

We are just a few days away from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We have gone through many leaked features and images of the upcoming phablet. Recently, the reliable tech expert Evan Blass has shared the latest image of the Galaxy Note 8.   The image is for the Deep Sea Blue color variant. We can see the front of the device in the picture below. We cannot see the color of S pen matching with the device. The small blue portions that are visible on the top and the bottom also indicate that the Deep Sea Blue for the Galaxy Note8 is a different color than what a recent leak suggested.

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In Some Countries, Police have Warned Parents about the Sarahah App

Sarahah an anonymous messaging app has become a viral sensation. People of all ages are going crazy over it. You can secretly send messages to each other without revealing your identity. This app is quickly becoming popular among the masses. But some people are using Sarahah in the wrong way. They send hate messages to others and even bully other people. Now, this can be troublesome because the sender’s name is hidden. At times it can be very disturbing for people as some people may be vulnerable and may fall take a wrong step.   So Police departments in US cities of Kansas, Michigan and New Zealand have warned parents against the app. The app can have a harmful effect especially on teenagers and can lead to bad consequences.   The main aim of Sarahah is to enable its users to send constructive feedback to its users. A major drawback

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Google Allo Now Available in The Web Version

The tech giant Google’s instant messaging application Allo, the Mountain View company’s app to compete with WhatsApp, finally has the web version now. This is one of the main shortcomings that until now had the platform, since it is one of the functions most demanded by users, but has been remedied and you can use Allo in the browser.   Telegram a messaging application had first started the web version and then WhatsApp followed their footprints. And now Google Allo has joined the bandwagon.     However, Google Allo needs to work on various aspects. It needs to upgrade the privacy and encryption of chats, support for SMS and the absence of voice calls and video calls. Allo, the instant messaging application also has many advantages and interesting features as well.     The new version of the Google Allo messaging new version of the Google Allo messaging app has

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Huawei Sends Invites For its Upcoming Huawei Mate 10

The second half of the year seems to be like a mobile festival as the smartphone companies are delivering so many awesome handsets, making people excited! Huawei has sent out invites for an event to launch its latest smartphone Huawei Mate 10. However, you will not see much more information. Just 10 in the background with the words written “Meet the device worth waiting for” above the time and place of the event, October 16, 2017, in Munich, Germany. Recently, the Chinese Company teased us with various teasers about the upcoming Mate 10. The Huawei Mate 10 is expected to sport a full-screen display with a solid battery backup and also feature quick charging feature. The Huawei’s CEO has claimed that it will be “an even more powerful product” than Apple’s upcoming iPhone.   The Huawei Mate 10 is tipped with better features as compared to its predecessors. Even the

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