Microsoft to Come with a Foldable Tablet in 2018

We were expecting that Microsoft will soon come up with their Surface Phone which will be at par with the latest iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and all the latest smartphones. According to rumors, it is now being said that Microsoft is working on a new project. The device will feature two screens and will be quite large in size. It is mostly expected that the equipment will mostly be released in 2018 and will bring in a revolutionary change in the mobile world. The device will be a tablet with a bendable screen. The tablet will be made with a CSheel and Windows Core OS which are some new key features of the Windows 10. The tablet will be named as ‘Andromeda’. The main feature of the handset will be the foldable dual screen and a sensitive pen-tip which will help the user to operate it smoothly.

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Nokia 7 First Flash Sale- Got Sold Off Within Minutes

As Nokia entered the market, it blew an excitement in the air. All the Nokia Android handsets have fulfilled their fan’s expectations. Just a few days back HMD Global’s Nokia 7 was put up for sale in China where the smartphone went out of stock within few minutes. Presently Nokia 7 is available only in China and easily fits in a shoe-string-budget. Packed with all the best features the device will support the latest Android Oreo and will be available in 4GB and 6GB RAM. It will provide an internal storage capacity of 64GB which can be further boosted by an SD card. The smartphone will get its energy from a non-removable Li-Ion 3000mAh battery and will also support the fast battery charging. The fingerprint sensor is placed at the back of the device. A 16MP snapper with Carl Zeiss Lens Technology will house in the primary shooter and the

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iPhone X Price – $8400, Too High on eBay!

The iPhone X dried up within few minutes as it was launched for pre-booking on October 27. And on November 4 the latest Apple device will be available in the Apple Stores. Now few lucky people who managed to secure the delivery for November 3 are now putting the new iPhone X on sale on eBay for much higher rates than the original price. People who have pre-booked the device on will get the iPhone X on November 3. And the next lot of iPhone X units will take another 5 to 6 weeks which means you have to wait till the end of December. Many people are taking advantage of this situation and selling the iPhone X prices at a huge price on eBay. The prices are double or in cases even triple the cost of the original price. There are also many people who are ready to purchase

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Android 8.1 Oreo Released After Android 8.0 Oreo

Google recently launched Android 8.0 Oreo and again the company has come up with its latest version- Android 8.1 Oreo. The latest Android software is for everyone to test. The new update will certainly bring some great improvements with itself. By introducing the Android 8.1 Oreo the company is aiming at those people who are interested in the operating software and check if any corrections are to be made. As of now the latest software update is only for the Google handsets. It is supported on the Pixel and Nexus devices only. It is only restricted to 5X and 6P. As per the Google’s record there will two versions of the tests and then the final one will be launched in mid-December. And very soon the second developer preview is expected to arrive. The improvements will be done on the several APIs which will thoroughly use the hardware abilities. Some

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iPhone X Hands-On-Review by Apple’s Engineer’s Daughter Becomes Viral

The world seems to be frenzied by the iPhone X. And one can go to any extent to get it. Recently an engineer at Apple who was a part of the iPhone X handed out the latest handset to his daughter who later made a hands-on-video about the iPhone X, and uploaded it online. The engineer’s name has not been revealed, his daughter’s name is Brooke Peterson who uploaded the iPhone X video on YouTube. When Apple came to know about it they requested her to delete the video and immediately she followed their instruction and took it down. But till then the video was already viral. It was not only about a project being leaked of a giant multinational company. It’s about violation of rules. The iPhone X is the engineer who was an employee of Apple. Since the device is still not out of the box, you just

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Find Out Why We Use a QWERTY Keyboard

Whether it is a computer, laptop or a smartphone all have a similar kind of keyboard that is the QWERTY keypad. It is named QWERTY because of the first six letters in the alphabet row. Now you must have thought that why does it start with QWERTY and not ABCD? There is a specific reason behind it. When the typewriters were first made in 1868 by Christopher Sholes. He has to arrange 28 keys from A-Z. During those days telegraph operators used typewriters which had the letters in an alphabetical order which made them understand the Morse Codes. However, it made their decoding work difficult and slow. And then the QWERTY keyboard worked like a magic for them. Another story says that the mechanical typewriters when used the serially placed alphabets then the letters used to get jammed of their typing speed. So when they started using the QWERTY keyboard

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Hurry Up! You Can Still Pre-Order Your iPhone X

On October 27 when Apple began the pre-orders for the iPhone X, the smartphone just got sold off like hot cakes within few minutes. There were many people who even in spite of trying couldn’t book the expensive device. Do you know if you have missed it yesterday, then don’t worry. The iPhone X is still available for pre-order. Just visit the official site of Apple and do the needful. We have brought you an article which gives you various options which you can consider while booking the new iPhone- The very first thing which you need to do it is to download the Apple Store App from your iPhone. By using the app you can easily book the latest iPhone.   Now technical issues can come any moment and at times it becomes a little complicated. So the best way out is you should try to book from several

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Here is the Latest Teaser of the HTC U11 Plus

HTC U11 is an extraordinary smartphone which comes in a neck to neck with Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, LG V30. The shiny polished body makes it look one of the best handsets in the industry. Recently, HTC has announced a sequel of HTC U11 that is the HTC U11 Plus which is expected to be unveiled on November 2. A teaser released by the company shows us a glimpse of how the HTC U11 Plus will be like. The company has shared an image on their Twitter handle. The smartphone is seen with slender bezel and the Touch ID sensor has been placed at the back side of the device. The U11 Plus will get its charge from a 4000mAh battery and will sport a QuadHD + resolution paired with a 6GB RAM.

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Will You be able to Purchase the iPhone X on the First Day?

On October 27, Friday many enthusiasts tried to pre-order the iPhone X. While some successfully did it, there were also some people who couldn’t. So for all those who couldn’t pre-book it, you have to then go to the Apple Store on November 3 to get the smartphone. And make sure you line up as early as possible. The iPhone X just vanished within 30 minutes as the pre-orders started. But there is still a ray of hope for the people in UAE. The Apple’s UAE website still has the iPhone X available. The device come in two storage variants that are 64GB and 256GB. But let us tell you, will take five to six weeks to reach to your doorstep. At the Etisalat’s website, you will find that the 64GB variant of iPhone X is left. And DU is left with the 256GB model of Apple smartphone. Jacky Electronics still

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Wait Till December for iPhone X

It was already predicted that the iPhone X will be in limited quantities and that is what exactly people faced in on October 28 when the pre-order started. People who got up booked their iPhone X was lucky out of which some may get their favorite handsets on November 3. It is now said that Apple Stores in the US, UK, China, Japan and some other countries will have to wait for another five to six weeks for delivery. An Apple Store in Hong Kong displayed “no supply available”. So you have to wait until December. However, you have another chance to get it is on November 3. You need to reach the store as early as possible to grab the latest iPhone X. You have to wait for some more weeks to get the iPhone X which will be available in stores by that time. If you want it

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