Don’t Miss: Guide to Report Social Media Harassment

Receiving abusive, offensive or threatening messages often on social media sites? Then here is the guide specifying the process to report the harassment on social media. Online harassment has become quite common especially on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. In the process of communication, you can definitely get into wrong texts. So, we should always be technically aware of the process to prevent them in future. Thanks to the Social Media sites, who identified the risk before and gave us the option to report such behavior. Facebook On Facebook, we can report the abusive content by reaching the profile page of the intended person. Near profile picture, there is an option to “Report and/or Block This Person”. Click on the option and follow instructions accordingly. In case you want to report any threatening message, you have a separate form to do so. Facebook guarantees that it

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National Day: High-Speed Free Wi-Fi Over the Long Weekend

UAE citizens are all set to celebrate the 46th UAE National Day on December 2. And to make this weekend more special Wi-Fi UAE is going to increase the Wi-Fi connectivity speed up to 10 times right from November 29 – December 3. The high-speed Wi-Fi will be provided to almost 400 locations across UAE for continuous five days. About this latest scheme, the vice president of Du said: “We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing to spread happiness to people across the UAE this National Day holiday weekend. People in the UAE will be able to enjoy innovation and connectivity through complimentary higher-speed Wi-Fi, where they will be able to connect and share their National Day celebrations online with their loved ones. We believe that this is an important initiative to support the UAE government in achieving country-wide Wi-Fi access in line with the nation's Vision

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Huawei Honor V10 Gets an Awesome AnTuTu score

Huawei Honor V10 is the brand new flagship smartphone from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. It is said that the handset is a combination of Huawei’s Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. Just like the iPhone X, the Honor V10 also features the Face ID technology which is said to be far more accurate than the latest iPhone. The latest handset sports a screen of 5.99 inches with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixel and comes with a bezel-less display. The Honor V10 is chipped by Kirin 970 processor with EMUI 8 and runs on Android 8.0 Oreo. The handset may come in two variants- 4GB & 6GB of RAM with 64GB and 128GB of internal storage capacity. The ROM can be increased up to 256GB by using a micro SD card. Most probably the Honor V10 may not include the 3.5mm headphone jack. Yesterday the Honor V10 appeared on

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Apple to launch 6.5-Inches iPhone X1 S Plus in 2020

While all smartphone companies preparing to launch foldable phones in the near future. Apple has chosen a different path and is planning for bigger screen iPhone X1 S Plus in 2020. According to few analysts’ review, Apple could launch an iPhone with 6.5 -inches OLED display. This is good news for OLED display manufacturers like LG who are already collaborating with Apple.   The OLED display for iPhone X is from Samsung manufacturers. Information from few sources revealed that Apple is looking forward to reducing investment on Samsung for display manufacturing. The firm is targeting LG manufacturers to build iPhone displays. As per Chuljoong Kim, the 6.5 inches iPhone may use 180 panels per sheet when compared to iPhone X that uses 230 panels. This is a real-time challenge, especially for suppliers. Kim Said that “Smartphone models featuring flexible OLED will likely increase sharply thanks to the positive market response

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Facebook AI Tool to Detect Suicidal Thoughts

Until now, the social networking websites are only for communication. But, the most popular social network service provider Facebook took a step further and decided to prevent suicidal attempts. Aiming at this target, Facebook started to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify the users having suicidal intentions. In one of the Facebook’s blog post, it is clearly mentioned about adopting “Proactive Detection Efforts” in order to assist the users expressing suicidal thoughts. Initially, pattern recognition is being implemented to identify posts or videos with the suicidal intentions. After identifying the risk, it alarms the human reviewer’s team available for 24/7, to reach out to the Individuals and prevent self-harm. According to Guy Rosen, VP of product management blog post "This approach uses pattern recognition technology to help identify posts and live streams as likely to be expressing thoughts of suicide" Facebook is already implementing few tools to identify persons intending

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HTC U11 Plus: Polished and Squeezed Flagship of HTC

HTC already launched one of the great phones in 2017 and is now planning to launch another which is more similar to Google’s Pixel 2 XL. Both the gadgets have many common features like large screen size, software used, and rear-mounted camera and many more. HTC U11 Plus is an upgraded version of the HTC U11. In the latest flagship, HTC managed to provide a larger screen with massive battery at 3930 mAh. In this article, we have covered few leaked specs of the upcoming U11 Plus. Design & Display: The 5.5-inches HD screen is replaced by a 6-inches latest super LCD6 display with a resolution of 2880x1440 pixel. The U11 Plus is taller and narrower than the HTC U11. With 18:9 aspect ratio U11 Plus managed to add 7 percent body to screen ration when compared to its predecessor. The upcoming smartphone will sport an edge to edge display

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Check Out the Leaked Images of Nokia 9

The Nokia 9 is the upcoming flagship device from HMD Global which will be soon out of the box. The smartphone will adorn an all-glass body both on front and back with a metal bezel in between. So it is assumed that the Nokia 9 may feature wireless charging. The handset will not come with the 3.5mm headphone jack and will be IP68 certified. The Nokia 9 will sport a dual rear camera and the Touch ID sensor will be placed just beside it. The upcoming smartphone will perform on a pre-installed Android 8.0 Oreo. The handset will be chipped by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and will be supported by a huge 4GB RAM. The device will come in two internal storage variant- 64GB & 128GB which can be expanded up to 256GB by a micro SD card. According to some reports, the Finnish Company will unveil the Nokia 9

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Samsung Flip-Phone: Leaked Images & Video

Samsung is working on a foldable device. Many rumored specifications are coming up every day, since the day the flip-phone was announced. And now another video and some pictures have SM-W2018 been leaked of the flip-phone. The flip phone will have a model number SM-W2018 and will sport two AMOLED display of 4.2 inches screen. It may support either a 4GB or a 6GB of RAM. The handset may be powered by a Snapdragon 821AB processor. However, some reports even suggest that Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 can also power the device. As you can see in the images the flip phone will sport a physical keypad and navigation buttons. You can even see the model number and logo of the company. The upcoming device may feature slim and slender bezels on the sides and at the top of the device will be a thick bezel. And just beside the rear camera will

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Things to Avoid while Using Public Wi-Fi

The Internet is the vast term that conquered the entire world within no time. In present days, nothing is made possible without internet access. This would be the probable reason for providing public Wi-Fi. People are habituated in using Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere they go. Nowadays Wi-Fi is available in the shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, or hotel almost everywhere. We don’t even think twice to avail internet access provided in public locations. Though it is quite useful and convenient at sometimes, it is risky to access public Wi-Fi without setting some limitations. Here is a guide that specifies the not-to-do list especially while accessing public Wi-Fi. Do Not Access Bank Accounts It is known fact that we should not access bank accounts while on a public Wi-Fi network. But few people still do the same. Logging into bank accounts could be quite risky. Public Wi-Fi is the place where several strangers

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Huawei Mobile Copies Apple’s Face ID Technology

The feature which makes iPhone X a unique smartphone is the Face ID technology. The latest iPhone x does not feature any home button, so the device is unlocked by the face ID. The job of the face ID is to recognize the user’s face in any lighting conditions and unlock the smartphone. The company claims that the Face ID feature is more accurate than the fingerprint sensor. But of late there have been many cases where the face ID was easily fooled by people. But if the smartphone companies keep adding the Facial recognition feature instead of the Touch ID sensor then very soon the fingerprint sensor will be out of the picture. Recently, Huawei unveiled the Honor V10 which captures 300,000 points which is 10 times more than the iPhone X captures. The Huawei mobile uses an infrared camera and a projector to create a 3D map of

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