Why Does Android Phone Slow Down Over Time?

Did you ever find your Android phone slowing down? Android is known for its feasibility and ease of use. It lets the users install many apps without any conditions. However, after regular usage of the Android phone, many of us have observed low performance. You might have seen few apps loading bit slower, or menus showing up lately. It is not only on the Android phone, even the iPhone can face a similar slowdown. Here let us discuss few reasons that make the Android phone run slower over time. Background Processes You might have installed many apps on your device. There are chances that these apps still run in the background. These apps can consume CPU resources thus making to slow down. Check the apps that are running in the background and better uninstall them if you are not using it anymore. If you are unable to install it then

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Huawei Confirms its Next Flagship Huawei P20 That Might Feature Triple Camera

Huawei now officially confirms the name of Huawei P10 successor- Huawei P20. Until now it was speculated that the next Huawei’s flagship may be either Huawei P11/Huawei P20. Now, the Chinese manufacturer is confirming the name of the flagship as Huawei P20 in the teaser video. It may miss out the MWC event and launch the phone at a separate event likely to happen in Paris. Rumors suggest that the Huawei P20 may feature three lenses on the rear thus enhancing low-light photography. It is likely to pack in better AI smarts that can yield a better picture. We even expect the upcoming flagship having narrow bezels thus giving space for larger display. The Huawei’s teaser video of seven seconds renders the photo of Paris overlayed with a date “27-03-2018”. Then there comes the name of the device, Huawei P20 with a hint of three cameras. This video confirms the

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Apple iPhone X: Can Android Beat iPhone?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not yet announced but there are several rumors rolling around this upcoming handset. One of the biggest rivals of the Samsung is Apple. The Galaxy S9 is ought to be the high-end smartphone from the South Korean giant. So, before its launch, many users and industry experts are looking out to compare this with the most popular iPhone X in UAE. This is because Samsung flagship is featuring almost all the features of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. Now the question is can this Android flagship beat iPhone? While there is no official confirmation of Galaxy S9 specs, but considering the plenty of rumors, we can have a guess at the specifications and features. Accordingly, let us move forward and compare it with iPhone X to check out the winner. Design & Display As the bezel-less display is more popular, Apple even preferred to ditch the

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Moto G6 Plus Likely To Ship In Five Attractive Shades

Every year Motorola comes up with some new phones and most of them are really good. This year Motorola is working on G-series smartphones and now we got to see one of these smartphones. Last year’s Moto X4 had a great design, high-end features and most importantly holds an affordable price tag. Now in 2018, Motorola is preparing to launch a new smartphone from Moto G family- Motorola Moto G6 Plus in Dubai. Along with the plus variant, it might even unveil standard Moto G6 and Motorola G6 Play at MWC. The company is trying to expand the G Phone series at MWC 2018. Until the official launch of the G-series handsets, let us take a look at the leaked image of G6 Plus. The alleged image shows the phone with different color versions. It is quite surprising to see these many shades. According to the image, the G6 Plus

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LG To Debut Two Mid-Range Smartphones K8 and K10 At MWC

LG, the major competitor for Samsung is all set to unveil two new smartphones at MWC 2018. While Samsung is ready to steal the show with its innovative Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Its rival LG, though not the premium smartphone LG G7, it will introduce two mid-range flagships LG K8 and K10. LG G7 in Dubai may make its debut sometime in the second quarter of 2018. Along with these two handsets, LG is also launching the variant of LG V30 with AI features. LG announced the K series line up K8 and K10 ahead of MWC. We can have a first look at this line up at MWC expo. Describing the 2018 edition of K8 and K10, LG says "enhanced with even more premium features rivaling those of premium flagships". So if you are looking out for the budget-friendly handset with premium specs then LG K-series would

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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 To Render Massive Battery with Wireless Charging

Xiaomi is all set to launch the new smartphone in Max series- Xiaomi Mi Max 3. The information leaked online suggests that the company is trying to incorporate massive battery alongside the wireless charging technology and 18:9 display. This is suggested to be one of the best mid-range phablets with a huge battery. All these details are uncovered by the XDA developers. According to XDA, the alleged handset may get a huge revamp than the previous model. As per the sources, the device may be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. It will have an almost bezel-less display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Leaks also suggest the device to get a wireless charging support. This renders that the upcoming device may have a glass back surrounded by a metal frame. Furthermore, XDA found a video online which shows how the phone needs to be placed for wireless charging. Another

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Intel Announces New 5G Modem To Laptops and PCs At MWC

Intel isn’t waiting for the MWC event to announce its latest technology. Ahead of the event, the company leaks out the details of the new 5G technology for the laptops and PCs through the new 5G modem. It is partnering with few other major companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft to render 5G connectivity to the Windows PCs via Intel XMM 8000 series modem. Intel further says that the first 5G connected PC may make its debut in the first quarter of 2019. Intel is planning to forecast the concept of 5G enabled PC at the popular Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. If it happens, then this will be the first time where we can directly see the 5G enabled device in operation. The MWC attendees can see the live demonstration of 5G connected PC, powered by an 8th Generation Intel Core processor i5. This famous chipmaker is trying to show off the

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Samsung Introduces the World’s Largest SSD With 30TB Capacity

Until now, we have seen the SSD drive with the capacity of 128GB, 250GB or 500GB. But the South Korean giant just announced the SSD with a whopping 30720 capacity. If you are still in a dilemma, then let us tell you this is true. This is the worlds largest SSD (Solid State Drive). Back in 2015, Samsung introduced the SSD of 16TB capacity which was the largest SSD. Again, now the company broke its own record with the 30.72TB SSD. Now, the point is how did Samsung manage to achieve this record? Reports suggest that the PM1643 is a 2.5-inch drive with a 30.72TB storage capacity with an impressive sequential reading and writing speeds up to 2100MB/s and 1700MB/s. It is built on 32 sticks of 1TB NAND and each stick comprising of 16 layers of 512Gb V-NAND chips. When compared to the typical SSD in the market, this

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iPhone SE 2 Concept Video Resembles Mini iPhone X

After the iPhone X release, Apple fans are now looking for the compact and affordable iPhone- iPhone SE 2. Rumors are in the air about the launch of new iPhone SE this year. 2018 is ought to be a year in which Apple is trying to transform things completely. The recent video rendered showcase the details of new iPhone SE 2 in Dubai which is compact and likely to launch this summer. Apple is aware that there are many people who are still looking out the compact iPhones. We can still find the old compact iPhone 4 users which is more pocket-friendly with a smaller screen. From the recent leaks, the possible date for the launch can be the Apple’s WWDC event. In this developers conference, the tech giant is likely to debut iPhone SE 2 along with iOS 12. A video by the Gunho Lee and ConceptsiPhone, who are experts in

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Google Pixel 3: Here’s What We Expect From Google’s 2018 Flagship

After the success of 2017’s flagships Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, now the search engine giant is working on the Pixel 3 and 3XL which are ought to be impressive phones for 2018. Despite having a regular design and display issues, the innovative camera features included make it to the list of smartphones with the best camera. This further justifies the Google Pixel 2XL price tag. Now that Google started to work on the next-gen flagship, let us look at the wish list from the 2018 Google’s pixel flagship smartphones. Bezel-less screen With the bezel-less trend going, we expect at least the upcoming flagship to follow the trend and minimize the bezels surrounding display. The Google Pixel 2 had large bezels around the screen and need to be trimmed down for the Google Pixel 3 in Dubai. The bezels normally house the front speakers. So, we hope that the

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