Apple To Introduce “Digital Health App” To End iPhone Addiction

Apple iPhone is such an amazing smartphone as it has become an addiction. The appealing features of the iPhone and its demand among the people have made it more attractive. Apple has always been criticized for bringing things which involve the user in such a way that even user is not able to value its time. Earlier this year, two major Apple shareholders criticized that children’s use of smartphones is damaging their development and it should be dealt with. By keeping that in mind Apple has come up with some different software this time to make sure that its user is able to keep an eye on their time and be more productive as well. Every year in the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple used to bring out some great and amazing features which intend a user to get more involved and enjoy iPhone experience. This time the company has

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Xiaomi Mi 8 Is Now Official With Three Variants

The Chinese brand has come up with some extraordinary efforts this time. At the 8th anniversary event on Thursday in China, the brand has launched 3 versions of its much-anticipated flagship smartphone as Xiaomi Mi 8 is now official with three variants. The brand has taken the version formula to next level by making Xiaomi Mi 8 available in three different variants and targeting the 3 level markets. The Xiaomi Mi 8 is the 2018 flagship smartphone of the brand, whereas 2 other variants are Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition which is the high-end version with more advanced features meanwhile the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (Special Edition) is the lower version of Xiaomi Mi 8 which makes it affordable. The brand has been blamed always as the iPhone copycat, this new version update has also reflected the inspiration from the iPhone as iPhone is also making the affordable iPhone SE and

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