iPhone X Vs OnePlus 6 : The Camera Comparison

The iPhone X is one of the best-released smartphones till now even though it was released in October 2017. This device is still in the competition with the other smartphones released in the year 2018. Some of the good camera competitors smartphones released this year like Huawei P20 Pro with triple lens camera and OnePlus 6 with the dual camera set up, whereas Samsung S9 with the dual camera set up as well. The OnePlus 6 released in May 2018 but the rivalry with iPhone X is going on. The camera battle is spot on as the new iPhone of 2018 and Samsung S10 of 2019 are expected to be released with the triple lens camera setup. The most beloved and useful feature of the smartphone nowadays is the camera. The focus of the entire smartphone industry big brands is now shifted towards to improve the smartphone camera day by

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Microsoft Surface Phone: A Foldable Smartphone Or A Phablet

Microsoft is well known American company which is so much into computers and software. The company is being in business for about 40 years. The founder is famous Bill Gates. Microsoft has always been with the computer experiences. The idea of this brand is to bring the complete systems into whole a device. The Microsoft all time phenomena is to bring the complete PC experience into the smartphone device. Not only on hardware but on software still the Windows leader of every single computer is Microsoft. After the windows, the Microsoft Office Suite software for text record, presentations and recording of data is made by Microsoft and is used by every single person having the computer system.  To keep that connection with their customers Microsoft partnered with the very reliable brand of the year 2000 smartphone maker that is Nokia. Both of the companies tried to bring Microsoft system smartphones but

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