4 Quick Apps Which Let You Mirror Your Android Phone To Windows PC

The Operating System Android is loved more by consumers across the world, as it can support different kinds of apps and contains many interesting features. Now wouldn’t it be great if you can access your Android smartphone directly on your large screened laptop or desktop? You will have a different experience altogether when you will be using the Android interface right on your computer screens. So let’s get started as to learn how this entire process works.

There are many apps which let you control your Android mobile through your PC.

  • TeamViewer Quick Support

If you have TeamViewer Quick Support application on your PC and Android phone, then you can easily control the phone from your PC without rooting.

1st Step: You should download the TeamViewer Quick Support app on your Android handset.

2nd Step: Install TeamViewer Quick Support software on your computer.

3rd Step: Now you need to open the TeamViewer Quick Support app on your phone and you will find your User ID.

4th Step: Now paste the user ID on your PC TeamViewer software.

5th Step: You now need to check your android phone, it will send you a push notification which tells you to ‘allow’ remote support, so click on ‘allow’.


That’s all, and then it will get connected and you can conveniently use your smartphone from the PC. Isn’t simple?

  • Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Another app which smoothly mirrors your Android phone and desktop is the Screen Stream Mirroring Free. Just connect it to your Android device and enjoy it on the large screen.

1st Step: Download Screen Stream Mirroring Free app on your Android smartphone and then install it.

2nd Step: Then open the app, it will ask you to grant the permission to capture everything. Just click on ‘Start Now’ to continue further.

3rd Step: You will now see the screen as it is shown below and you have to swipe the screen from left to right.

4th Step: Select the option ‘Preferences’.

5th Step: Here you will get many options like Streaming preferences, Video preferences, and audio preferences etc., chose as you like it.

6th Step: Once when you are done, swipe your screen from left to right and then select the option ‘Web Browser’.

7th Step: Now start the mirroring. As you start, enter the URL given on the app to your web browser while both your computer and mobile should be connected to the same internet network.

8th Step: And now you can see the Android interface on your computer screen.


And the process is complete. You have now successfully connected the yourAndroid smartphone to your computer.

  • Vysor

This Chrome app allows you to view and control their Android handsets on their computer. This software also needs USB connectivity. Overall it is user-friendly.

1st Step: Firstly you need to download the Chrome App Vysor on your Chrome browser and the app on your android phone.

2nd Step: You now need to let the debugging mode on your Android device. For that you need to connect your Android device using USB cable and go to developer option and enable “USB debugging”.

3rd Step: Now from the Chrome browser on your computer click on “Find Devices” and then you will be asked to select USB devices.If you have enabled the USB debugging mode then it will show the connected devices.

4th Step: Now accept popup “Allow USB Debugging” on your Android device. Simply, click on “OK” to continue.

5th Step: If all the steps are followed correctly then, you will be notified “Vysor is connected” both on your computer and on Android device. You need to click on “OK”.


And it is done. If you follow the steps correctly, instantly your android device will be connected to your PC.

  • Allcast Receiver App

You can easily mirror your android phone to your computer with the Allcast Receiver App. Just install the app in your phone and the software in your PC and you don’t even need to root your phone. Let’s start-

1st Step: Firstly download the Allcast Receiver App in your Android device.

2nd Step: Then download the Allcast Receiver software in your computer.

3rd Step: Download launch the mobile app that is mirror beta on your Android device.

4th Step: Now launch the Allcast Receiver of Chrome and you will see that your Android device will automatically get connected to yourPC, make sure both devices must connect to same internet network.


Now your phone is connected to your PC and you can access it from both the ends.

These are some very easy ways to share your android devices with your PC. Now you can access the android interface on your computer screen which will take your experience to a whole new level.

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