The 5 Best 360-Degree Cameras to Buy in 2018

The most striking feature of the 360-degree camera is the impressive structure that makes it stand out. Now that there includes a wide range of 360-degree cameras in Dubai, you can shoot 360-degree videos thus capturing the world in d

etail from every angle. Choosing the best camera is the way to take the videography experience to next level. It allows capturing your surrounding than just a part of it, thus leaving the user to have an immersive experience.


Just combine the 360 Video with the VR headset to get the pretty rad experience. To share this experience with your friends, family or any colleague, you definitely need a 360-degree camera. If you are looking out for the 5 best 360-degree cameras in UAE, we suggest you check out these below models. Capture the world around with a best 360-degree camera!

Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

Still, in 2018, the Samsung Gear 360 tops the list of the best 360-degree camera in UAE. This is the must-have camera for all those who are looking to capture every moment of life with the best quality. Designed especially for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, this compact spherical camera also offers limited functionality even on the iOS device.


The dual 8.4MP CMOS sensors of f/2.2 aperture allow shooting 4K images at 24fps. Live streaming is another added feature of this model. If it is a Samsung handset, then you can beam those real-time videos to Facebook and YouTube. Whether it is taking video or capturing photos, the Samsung Gear 360-degree camera gives you best result with high resolution.

GoPro Fusion

Capture those adventure shots using the best GoPro Fusion 360-degree camera. GoPro preferred to keep everything simple especially in terms of design. It is just a simple square camera with a two-button control system. The GoPro Fusion carries camera both on front and rear end with a monochrome screen on the front displaying basic information. Though not deeper as Hero 6, but the GoPro Fusion can withstand water up to 16feet.


The camera is equipped with two 180-degree lenses that captures everything around you. The OverCapture lets you choose a certain part of the scene that needs to be highlighted on the display. To get the 360-degree image, there is an 18MP sensor inside that captures better quality still images. With its great camera and software, the GoPro Fusion is a bit pricey option. Still, it is one of the favorite options which is continuously improvising over time.

Ricoh Theta V

The Ricoh Theta V is the latest spherical camera from Ricoh and is quite simple to use. It looks similar to previous Theta models with popsicle shape holding the hemispherical lens on either side. Now capturing 4K videos is not so tedious as it used to be. When compared to Theta S, the video performance is significantly enhanced. Now, it is capable to shoot 4K videos of 3840 X 1920 resolution at 30fps.


A new VR compatible spatial audio technology is implemented in Ricoh Theta V that lets you enjoy realistic audio with impressive video. The 14MP sensor can shoot high resolution still images. Thanks to the software and Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 which vastly increases the ISO sensitivity range. It further ships in with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support so that it can easily be operated remotely using an app.

360fly 4K

Normally, 360-degree view is possible only with the dual camera lenses. But the 360fly 4K is the first camera featuring a single lens that can match up the quality of dual lens camera. It is incredibly simple to use and the design looks more like a golf ball than a normal camera. This simple looking camera is water resistant, shockproof, and dustproof.



The camera can be operated using a single button and since it lacks the display, the camera gives a signal when the recording starts. The single 12MP sensor along with a 360Fly app allows you to shoot, record, upload and share the 360-degree video at an ease. As for the pricing, the 360Fly 4K is increasingly competitive in the market considering its extra features.

LG 360 CAM

This is one of the affordable 360-degree cameras in the top list. It is equipped with dual 13MP sensors that support two 200 degree wide-angle lenses. The LG camera lets you enter new exciting world by capturing photos and 2K videos rather than 4K. The LG 360 CAM packs in 1200mAh battery and 4GB of memory that is further extendable via microSD card.


This is ought to be an affordable alternative to the Samsung Gear 360. Its impressive design lets you toggle between 360 degrees and 180 degrees photo with just a single long press. The standard tripod thread enables the camera to be mounted on the surface. This LG 360 CAM has everything that you need to enter the world of adventure in 360 degrees HD.


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