Here Are 5 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For Your Android Phone

Artificial Intelligence Apps are nowadays introduced in almost every gadget. It makes our lives easier by following our commands. ‘Siri' in Apple was introduced a few years back, ‘Bixby' recently made its debut in Samsung Galaxy S8, this year.

Amazon Alexa developed by Amazon, also there is Cortana created by Microsoft all these intelligent personal assistant performs tasks or services for an individual like sending messages or email, making schedule etc.


Today we are going to share some Artificial Intelligent Applications which you can try in your Android smartphones:


1. Recent News



Recent News is an application that identifies your interests, suggests related articles and suggests topics which you might follow. This app provides you news, customized, now. It is a quick way to stay informed about the subjects you love.

Download the app from the given link below-

2. Google Allo



Google Allo is a smart messaging application which enables you to communicate more and comprises of many interesting features. This app allows you to do your task easily. It also responds to your queries and also cracks jokes at times.

Also, you get to use the Google assistant. You also get the option of incognito mode if you do not want the history to be recorded.

Download Google Allo from the following link and enjoy chatting with friends with the huge and new emojis:

3. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant



HOUND Voice Search & assistant works similarly to Google Voice Search. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting information related to latest news, entertainment and answer your queries. This app is a must need for your busy lives and keep you updated every time.

Download the link now to your smartphone and get the best experience-

4. Cortana – Digital Assistant



Windows users are very much aware of Cortana, the artificially intelligent assistant. Initially, it was only available on windows phone but now it is available on Android handsets also. It can set reminders, recognize natural voice without the need of typing and also answer questions using information from the Bing search engine.

You can download Cortana from the link given below-

5. Robin – AI Voice Assistant



So here is Robin, the smart intelligent voice assistant which assist you on the road by providing you with navigation and giving local information and also entertain you by cracking jokes while your eyes are on the road. You just need to give the voice command and it will follow and reply back.

You can download the application from the following link-

The AI assistant applications are now on the rise because it makes tasks easier for the user. Not only it is productive but also saves time. We have given a list of five AI apps which you can download and use it in your busy life and make it trouble-free.  

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