5 Latest Whatsapp Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp has been subject to frequent software updates. With each update, some new features get labeled to the app making it even more interesting. One of the remarkable update received by WhatsApp was the introduction of voice and video call options. Following which, the popular messaging app has been customized with a lot of other distinctive features. So, today on our blog, we will discuss five new features which have been received in WhatsApp over past few recent updates.

  1. Pinned Chats

You can now pin your favorite chat head on the top and have a smooth conversation flow without having to scroll up and down. Just long press the chat head on the home screen and you will find a 'Pin' option on the top. You just need to touch it and your favorite chat will be pinned on the top. However, only three chat heads can be pinned through this feature. So, select your first three favorites.


  1. Siri can read your WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp had recently sent this update for iPhone users. The feature will allow iPhone's digital assistant Siri to read out the received messages. The service will be applicable for Apple handsets with iOS 10.3 and further.


  1. Text status is back

When WhatsApp decided to replace the classic text status feature with picture status, it created a lot of flutter among the users. WhatsApp received a lot of negative feedback about the same. Following which, the app brought back the text status feature and also retained the picture status option. The feature now comes in 'About and phone number' bar in the app settings. So, basically, you can now use either of it or both!


  1. Two-step verification

The additional security feature ensures to provide double security to the WhatsApp account of Android, Windows and iOS users. The two-step verification process provides a six digit security password option, which will pop up every time you connect a new handset to the existing account.


  1. New Video-Call Button

Initially, to broaden its reach from the only texting part, WhatsApp introduced the Voice call feature, which enables the users to make free voice calls through the app. Taking the concept of A/V format, the messaging app brought in Video call option. This amazing feature provides the option of easily staying connected with anyone across the world trough video call. You need to open the chat head and check on the right top bar. Click there to find two options- Voice call & Video call. Make your choice!


WhatsApp was one of the first free messaging apps which became extremely popular among the people. The interface of the application is so easy and convenient that it generates users from a wide age group, from teenagers to seniors. Every update of the app brings some distinctive changes which make it even more interesting. We can't wait to witness what else WhatsApp has in store for us in the future!

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