5 Reasons Which Make Nokia 3310 Still Better Than Any Smartphone

The moment we come across Nokia 3310, galaxies of memories automatically flow in our minds. The classic feature phone was one of the highest selling basic sets of the brand. So almost after a decade, HMD Global decided to launch the redesigned model of Nokia 3310 along with its bunch of other Nokia Android devices, lined up for the 2017 release. 2017 is the comeback year for the iconic brand Nokia and HMD Global is putting in all possible steps to ensure that the handsets instantly click with the people. Earlier this year, the Finnish mobile maker had unveiled the initial cluster of Nokia devices including Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and the revamped Nokia 3310. The old school handset received maximum attention from the lot!

Honestly, it might sound slightly irrelevant if we debate between a smartphone and a feature phone as obviously the former will stand out. But, in the case of Nokia 3310, things are different as this rock solid basic set can still give a competition to any other high-end devices. Today on our blog, we will cite you five top reasons which prove that Nokia 3310 is still better than any other handsets in the market.

  1. Astounding Durability

Till date, the social media platforms are filled with memes on the rock solid durability of Nokia 3310. The re-modeled version is wrapped in a hard plastic body, which is immune to any form of destruction. Moreover, the compact and funky structured phone can easily fit in the pocket of any sizes.

Le Nokia 3310 original à côté du Nokia 3310 version 2017

  1. Month-Long Battery Life

The USP of this colored screen phone is its month-long battery backup which approximately can deliver 22-hour talk time, which is almost 10 times more than the old version. In days, when the entire mobile phone battery gets exhausted within minutes due to extensive internet usage, it is important to own a handset which is always available for the basic services like calls and messages. Nokia 3310 could be a respite for you even at the time of emergency!

  1. Gives A Break From The Virtual World

With hardly much to offer in terms of upgraded technologies, Nokia 3301 can definitely be a reason for you to stay connected to the real world without obsessing about the virtual one. It can give you a break from emails, social media, and other things and let you stay connected with your friends and family, in person. So, guys share the real moments instead of exchanging 'happy' posts on Facebook!


  1. Cost-Effective

Though the handset lacks a lot of prominent high-end features, it still can make out for itself with the set of basic features. HMD Global decided to retain the previous features of the phone in its comeback version. However, the global mobile manufacturing giant is smart enough to infuse some contemporary touches to their classic handset. In terms of specifications, the latest Nokia 3310 comes with a 2.4 inches color display and runs S30+ operating system for internet surfing. It will have a 2.5 G network connectivity but won't support 4G LTE or WiFi. The new Nokia 3310 is also equipped with a 2MP rear camera. And guess what you can enjoy all these by spending only a few bucks. Nokia 3310 price is Dubai UAE is approximately 189 AED.

  1. The Classic Snake Game

There could be loads of games in the Google Play Store, but the fun of the old Snake game is still unbeatable. The revamped Nokia 3310 retains its famous 'Snake' game. The pre-installed app is named ‘Snake II’. The other popular games in the phone are Pairs ll, Space Impact, and Bantumi.


Besides all these features, the Nokia 3310 holds a nostalgic approach towards the users. It won't be hard to bet that almost everyone at one point time must have used the classic Nokia 3310. Reminiscing that popularity, HMD Global decided to re-launch this asset.

Nokia 3310 in Dubai UAE comes with an improved design and four poppy color options – Yellow, Warm Red, Dark Blue, and Grey. Nokia 3310 price is Dubai UAE is approximately 189 AED.

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