5 Things You Can Do With Your Android When You Are Without The Internet Connection

Android handsets are most popular among the masses. It is because of its easy interface and easily supports almost all the sites and apps. This operating system has various kinds of tools which cater to many purposes.

Whether you book a flight or video chat with your friend or watch movies, or post anything on social media, Android supports everything. It is a great source of entertainment and thanks to the internet without which our lives would come to a stand-still.

But what would you do when you are traveling on a flight, and you need to put your mobile phone to flight mode? You cannot use the internet then. So what would do with your Android smartphone when it is offline?

Here we have brought some amazing ways by which you can use your Android smartphone even when it is offline-

• Navigation

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We depend a lot on Google Maps for navigation. But do you know? Google Maps works even when your phone is offline. Google maps become very helpful when you’re are traveling to an area where your mobile data connectivity is low.



• Watching YouTube Videos

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You can save your favorite videos offline in YouTube and watch it while traveling in flight. There are many other apps available in Google Play Store, which lets you save the video, but most of them require a monthly subscription.



• Read Articles

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If you love to read the article online then you can do that it in your Android handset without the internet connection. You just have to download the Pocket app on your smartphone to save articles from the web and read them later.



• Instant Messaging Apps

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Download Firechat which enables users to chat with anyone within 200 feet of their location. This app works on Bluetooth. Popular messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook do not support exchanging of messages offline.



• Editing Documents

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Google Drive enables you to edit documents when you are not connected to the web. However, the document you want to edit must be downloaded first before you can edit it in offline mode.

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