6 Android Inspired Features To Be Found In iPhones with iOS 11

The world of technology can be vividly segregated into two broad categories- Android users and iOS users. Competition between both the arch rival operating systems has been perennial. While Android has its wide group of followers for its easy-access interface, iOS also ensures distinct features. However, the latest iOS 11, revealed by Apple at the WWDC earlier this month, brings out some of the key Android features indicating that the former might just have imbibed the same from Android. In a recent YouTube video, an overall comparison has been done between a Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone, showing the similar features found in the latter. The YouTuber has jotted down six top Android features which are now found in the iPhone handsets and definitely make iOS 11 better than the previous versions.

  1. One-handed Keyboard

This was found in the Android handset, where you need to long press the Globe in the Samsung keyboard and get options of Left keyboard, Right keyboard, along with many other choices. The recently launched iOS 11 also brings out similar option in its keyboard.

  1. Advanced Screenshot

The iOS 11 introduces the small screenshot preview option where you long press the home button to take the screenshot and see an instant glimpse of the shot on the lower corner of the handset. You can also crop the image, add any text or signature to it and many other editing options. This feature has been seen in Android devices for a long time now, from Jellybean OS to be precise.

  1. Control Centre

The features add customization options of quick toggles and features to the device. The feature, which is now found in Apple iPhone, allows you to add a lot more options to the top setting bar as per your needs. This feature is quite similar to the Android handsets, which has been existing from ages now. However, the iOS 11 has a special customization with animation for brightness option and other things.


  1. Notification Preview

This feature has been added to the iOS device in the notification section under the tag Notification Preview, which allows you to have a quick preview of the messages or calls or any other notifications on the top bar. In iOS they offer you to alter the option like you can either put it on always or never. This is very similar to Android which comes with the option of Hide Content in the notification settings. It hides the details of the notifications on the lock screen.

  1. New Offload Feature

The latest iOS allows you to delete the applications or data even while backing up the content. You can find this option of Offload this app, where you can delete the data after back-up to preserve the memory. This feature has been found in the Android for years now, where it lets you delete the unnecessary data or cache.

  1. Screen Recording Feature With Game Centre

This is similar to Samsung's game launcher. It instantly allows to record game videos and also takes screenshots. You can find the screen record option right in the game launcher, which records the footage. This is now recently introduced on the iPhone running iOS 11.

These were some of the features which were inspired by Android handsets. Though we have been experiencing these interesting Android owned features for quite long now, it will definitely be interesting to access the same in the Apple iPhones.

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