6 Upcoming Foldable Smartphones – The Future Of Smartphone Design

Apple and Samsung have always been the leaders in the market by bringing uptrend and innovation. They are the market leaders and rest of the market follows the trend set by them. As of now, the Apple has been innovative with its iPhone by making it slimmer, sleek and delicate by applying glass at the back of the iPhone. Same with the Samsung as it has also bought glass back with curved edge smartphone.  Since then the smartphone design and shape is stuck with the rectangular look without any remarkable change. Moreover, now the recent upgrade in the market trend is the bezel-less smartphones to provide the full-screen display.


The big names of the smartphone industry are now up to bringing the absolutely new design innovation in the market. The design involves bending and foldability. All of the big names have already started working on the foldable smartphones and there are many rumors and leaks in the marking revolving.  The speculations are that the industry is going to witness a major shift as the foldable smartphone is going to be the next big thing.  The 90’s era has witnessed the tiny flip mobile phones but this technological advancement is going to bring the whole smartphone bending or folding from the middle of the screen which is distinctive and unique. Almost all the brands have a patent or secretly experimenting on the foldable smartphone.


ZTE Axon has already jumped up with the dual-screen smartphone with “ZTE Axon M”, was announced on October 2017. Its design was still questionable that it gives the look of two smartphones joined together with a flexible joint. That smartphone turned heads but it was not fully innovative as the screens are still separate and the device is bulkier as well. Whereas, the list of major makers who are up to reveal the big plans is here.


  1. Samsung

Samsung is a Korean brand with one of the largest market shares in the smartphone industry and also known as one of the leaders.  Samsung has always been keen to bring the much smartness and uniqueness to its smartphones competitively. This time Samsung is about to bring the “Samsung Galaxy X”. Samsung Galaxy X leak design video is already circulating on social media.  It is been considered as a massive turning point for Samsung makers, the leaked video unveils the foldable smartphone with a large display and many distinctive features.  The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to unveil in February 2019 at the event of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019.


  1. Apple

Apple is also in the race of bringing the foldable smartphone in the market. Apple has always been the trendy by bringing the innovation. This time Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone secretly. Apple version of foldable smartphone bends from the middle, and it is also about to launch soon. It has been speculated that the Apple foldable iPhone would be double up in size to its iPhone and will give the bigger display as a tablet on unfolding. The expected date of Apple foldable smartphone to be on the market is 2020.


  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is out of the smartphone industry but it doesn’t mean that Microsoft is not ready to be one of the experimental market players in the smartphone industry. Microsoft is attempting to bring the foldable smartphone which could be named as “Microsoft Surface Phone”.  The design leaks reveal the hinged screen revolution in the smartphone industry. The hinged screen could be more successful as it won’t let to appear any gaps between the screens. It is also speculated that these leak designs could be used for tablets or laptops which would be a bigger change in the industry as well. Microsoft has already applied for the patent of foldable smartphone which leads to the higher expectations towards “Microsoft Surface Phone”. It is expected that it will be unveiled at the end of 2019.


  1. LG

LG is in the market for a very long and is been competitive as well with its flagship devices. Moreover, LG is also considered to be as one of the biggest rivals of the known names in the smartphone industry. LG is not far behind in the innovation trend and is also testing on the foldable smartphone. LG has its concept design which makes the smartphone foldable from the center of the screen. The LG foldable smartphone design also gives hints about a book like a smartphone. LG is working on the foldable smartphone for a very long as it has filed for the patent in July 2017. The expected unveiling of LG foldable smartphone is in 2019.


  1. Huawei

Huawei is a Chinese brand and it is the third largest smartphone producer on the planet. Huawei is giving a major tough time to the smartphone industry brands as it is expected to release the foldable smartphone ahead of every other brand, Samsung and Apple also. Huawei is speculated to be the first company to bring the foldable smartphone device in the market. The design of Huawei foldable smartphone is that the smartphone turns out to be in a tablet form on unfolding. The device is expected to be unveiled on November 2018 but it is not confirmed when it will be available for its potential customer.


  1. Motorola

Motorola is also a huge name in the market. It is a Lenovo owned company and has also started working on a foldable smartphone. The Motorola foldable smartphone patent has recently approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Motorola foldable smartphone also gives tablet look on unfolding.  The Motorola foldable smartphone also has a lid to cover up the screen and to support it while on folding vertically. It also rumored that the cover would be able to charge the smartphone wirelessly.  The expectations are high with the Motorola as well with this innovation; the unveiling is expected at the end of 2019.


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