8 Awesome Tricks for Every Android User

If you have an Android smartphone then you must know that Android devices are generally user-friendly and support almost all the apps. You can do a lot in an Android smartphone. Today we have shared some cool tricks which will help you in your day to day lives.

1. Add a shortcut to My Apps in the Play Store


It is very important to keep your apps updated and also be aware of the changes in the app. A feature “App Shortcuts” is the latest change in the Android handsets.

You just need to long press an application on the home screen and take to it a specific section. In the Google Play Store, you will find the ‘My Apps’ section which you can bring it to the home screen.

Now, remember only if you are using Android 7.1+ platform or using the Nova Launcher (3rd party launcher) then only you will able to use this shortcut.

Here is how you do it-

  • Drag the Play Store on the home screen
  • Long press the My Apps shortcut
  • Then drag it anywhere on the home screen and leave it
  • And you are done!


2. Go to App Info from the Recent Apps


If you use an Android handset then you will find the App Info in an option of Settings. Here you can make the necessary changes like disable, force stop, clear cache, and reset defaults. So in case if any app is creating a problem you can go to this option and check it.

Follow the following steps to quickly handle the app info-

  • Open the recent apps/ multitasking screen
  • Select whichever app you want
  • Long press the app in the title bar
  • Then it will straightaway direct you to App Info page


3. Screen Pinning


Your smartphone may contain some personal and confidential data. And when you hand over your phone to someone else then they may go through your personal content.

So you can pin your screen which will protect your personal information so that others can’t get access to it.

Follow the steps below to use the feature of ‘Screen Pinning’-

  • Go to settings
  • Then to the security section
  • Find the option of screen pinning
  • Then turn it on along with screen lock

Here is how to use it-

  • Open the app which you wish to pin
  • Go to the recent apps page and turn on to reveal the pin icon
  • Click the pin icon and then give your phone to someone else
  • And then to unpin the app you just need to long press the back button or long pressing the back and recent apps.


4. Create Personalized Quick Tiles


The Quick Settings is in the notification panel which enables you to operate the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data and also offers many other options. You can rearrange it according to your user preferences. Also, you can download some from the Google Play Store.

Here is how to add a quick tile-

  • Drag down the Quick Settings
  • Click the edit or pencil icon
  • Select the tile and drag it to the Quick Settings


5. Restrict apps from using data in the background


Apps consume data in the background. So the Android OS offers an option which restricts the apps to consume data for some apps. Here is how to do it-

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Data Usage
  • Then go to Data Saver
  • Tap unrestricted data access
  • Choose the apps which you want to use the mobile data


6. Hide Lock Screen Notifications


People generally lock their screen by using the lock pattern or passcodes which is convenient for them. But sometimes when a message comes it flashes on your screen which others can see. So it is better to hide it. Here is how you do it-

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to notifications
  • Click the gear icon
  • Then tap on the lock screen
  • Select from one of the options
  • Do not display the notifications
  • Show all the notification content
  • Hide personal notification content



7. Use the Fingerprint Scanner


Nowadays most smartphones feature the fingerprint scanner. Some phones also use the fingerprint scanner as a power or home button. But do you know the touch ID scanner can serve many other purposes as well. Just download Fingerprint Quick Action.

  • Download the Fingerprint Quick Action
  • Then allow the accessibility permissions.
  • Then come back to the app and choose for a single click, fast swipe, and double tap


8. Insert GIFs with the Gboard keyboard


After emojis, GIFs are a way of expressing oneself. Download Google’s Gboard keyboard comprises of this feature. You will get many GIFs without in that app.

  • Download and install Gboard
  • Then click settings and go to Language & Input
  • Tap your present keyboard
  • Select the language
  • Insert GIFs
  • Now open a supporting app
  • Tap the emoji button
  • Browse categories or search for any GIF
  • Select the GIF to use!
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