8K Display With Advanced Imaging Chips Likely To Hit in 2018

While 4K displays are getting common these days, technology is taking us a step ahead for 8K display TVs. By observing the current trend, we can never predict where technology will lead us in the future. There is a huge advancement in the artificial intelligence, machine learning and especially augmented reality. The 5G technology is getting closer to the reality and there include many challenges for the big platforms.


Talking about the TV technology, until now there was the competition only between the LCD and OLED. But, with the inclusion of 8k display screen, we can expect the new display technology to overcome the 4K display. Let us see which big platforms are planning to launch 8K displays and advanced imaging chips in this year.

Samsung 88-inch 8K OLED

As for now, Samsung did not unveil any pricing details, but it is expected to show off the new Q9S with AI Engine and 8K display in the March 2018. For the past four years, we have seen many LCD 4k displays but this was the first time to find the 8K OLED display.


It is not only about the enhancement in the resolution, but we can find a vast change in the display colours. So, with the 8K display featuring AI engine, you can not only find lifelike images but it is much more than what we expected. The new 8K AI processor lets the user customize the display screen and create the best image possible.

LG’s New Intelligent Processor

Many high-end platforms are looking forward to making their processors even more intelligent enough. LG is one among those companies developing a new intelligent processor, especially for the top-end OLED displays. This is to enhance the image quality of the 4K displays.


This further includes four-step noise reduction process in the place of a two-step process. It is even said to have enhancements in the sharpness of image thus allowing to display more accurate colours and render higher frame rate.

TCL iPQ Engine

TCL for the first time is displaying its image enhancement engine, iPQ.



Describing the iPQ engine, the company says ”iPQ Engine provides precise colour replication and HDR Pro Gamma to significantly improve HDR performance in any setting,”

The iPQ engine is capable of analyzing individual video scenes and can even allow adjusting display parameters. The new engine ensures better HDR performance along with colour replication. The TCL 6 series TV would likely to feature this new engine.

Sony X1 Ultimate

Sony showcases its next-generation processor, X1 Ultimate for TVs at CES 2018. The Company claims that the X1 Ultimate is capable of performing twice the present processor X1 Extreme.


It works well for both LCD and OLED displays. At CES, Sony took 8K OLED display to forecast the capability of the new processor. It can offer highest peak brightness of 10,000 nits. It is not yet clear of the availability of this processor as Sony 2018’s line up will run the same old X1 Extreme.

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