A New Set of iPhone-like Emoji in WhatsApp Beta Version

WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger application of the world. Time to time new features are added as per the choices and taste of its users.


The main aim of WhatsApp is to give its users a rich all round experience. It has made communication easier and brought people closer.


Recently, WhatsApp has released a brand new version of emoji set for the Android version which looks similar to the iPhone emoji designs. However, this is only for the Beta users.


Out of all the social platform who has got an own set of emoji, Facebook-owned WhatsApp was the first to introduce the middle finger emoji and emoji for Olympic Rings which stayed for a short period of time.


"At a glance, these could be confused for Apple's own emojis. Side-by-side the differences are clear for some emojis, but others are very close to what Apple displays," a blog on a post on Emojipedia reported on Monday.


Emojipedia, the blog even added that with this Beta release, WhatsApp went ahead of iOS native emoji support. These new set of emoji in the Beta version can undergo some changes before it is made public or it might not even get a public release.

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