Alert! E-cigarettes can be used to hack computers

The electronic cigarettes were created to make the smokers quit smoking. But the hackers went a step ahead and proved themselves even more advanced by inventing a way of hacking the computer by an e-cigarette.


This has been reported by a security researcher Ross Bevington in a presentation at BSides London. Ross Bevington, the security researcher explains that e-cigarettes can be used to hack the computer, by interfering with its Internet traffic or by cheating the PC by making it believe that it was a keyboard.



Bevington further explained that the cyber-terrorist can modify the e-cigarette to hack the computer when it is connected to charge. Whether your computer is locked or unlocked the cyber-criminals can easily trespass your device.


The rechargeable e-cigarettes hold a USB port which enables them to be plugged in and recharge from a computer or laptop, rather than keeping the end user secured to a wall wart.


And this lets them connect with an additional hardware in the device which can be used to automatically carry commands when plugged into a desktop or laptop by using Autoplay.


FourOctets released a video on their Twitter account explaining how this kind of attack works. In less than 20 lines of codes, FourOctets says that it is easy to achieve for the device to download a file and run it on the system.



It is recommended that you should directly load your vape pen into the stream using an adapter and not connect to your PC. Security Analyst Mr. Bevington also said that the best to avoid such unpleasant situations is to make sure that your system's security software is updated from time to time and also "have a good password and lock your machine when you leave it".

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