The Alleged Samsung Galaxy X Gets Wi-Fi Certification

Samsung has been frequently hitting the headlines off late for its highly anticipated flagship phones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The South Korean mobile producer has again made it to the news. But this time it is for its first foldable device.

It was earlier rumored that Samsung is working on its first flexible device for quite some time now. But no concrete evidence has been accounted on the same.


As per the recently leaked information, a Samsung-inked cell phone has passed the Wi-Fi Alliance and got its confirmation. We apprehend it to be Samsung's Galaxy X prototype. The cell phone conveys the codename SM-G888N0, while the N0 mark alludes to a gadget expected for the market in South Korea.


Interestingly, the Samsung phone has installed an older version of the Android operating system. Sources said, from the certification it is indicated that the handset has installed Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It appears that the gadget confirmed by the Wi-Fi Alliance is just for the field testing purpose and yet to be put to the commercial use.

Meanwhile, last year another device with a similar codename had surfaced, which was believed to be a Sports model of Galaxy S7, with a model number SM-G880. But, it turned out to be a rumor. Similar speculations are also associated with the current Wi-Fi certified Galaxy X prototype, which is apprehended to be the Galaxy S8 Sports model.


At this stage, nothing can be confirmed. Meanwhile, no official sources from Samsung have reacted to this news, thus keeping it all a mystery. Whatever it may be, it would definitely be exciting to see the first flexible handset from Samsung, which could either be a phone or tablet.

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