Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Surpassed Bill Gates As World’s Richest Person

The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates was the richest man till yesterday until Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon surpassed him. Jeff Bezos outperformed him by $200 million and made it to the first spot in Forbes list of the richest person on Earth. Bill Gates was the richest person in the world since May 2013. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon living in the same city out-shined him.

As the value of Amazon shares has risen, Jeff Bezos has managed to earn more than $1.1 billion which makes his wealth approximately at 90.9 billion dollars.
Amazon recently ventured into the distribution of grocery and food items (including the purchase of the physical chain Whole Foods, the main rival of the almighty Walmart in the US) or the extraordinary march of the cloud services division, Amazon Web Services, are the reasons behind the increase of shares of the firm in the Stock Exchange over the last few weeks.

It will be interesting to see that how long will be Bezos crowned as the richest man on this planet. In today’s world things are constantly changing and thus nothing is permanent. The founder of Amazon also owns media (The Washington Post) and a space company (Blue Origin).

After Bezos and Gates, the third position is bagged by Amanica Ortega, founder of Zara and Inditex. The business tycoon even after retirement has a major share in his company which makes his wealth of 82,700 million dollars. Warren Buffet comes fourth in the list and the fifth position is bagged by the creator of the giant social platform Mark Zuckerberg.

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