Android O May Officially Release Next Week

We already know that very soon the successor of Android Nougat, Android O will take its place. It has already been announced. But the release date has still not been finalized. But rumors suggest that we might see it arrive very soon may be the next week.

Android O


That’s according to David Ruddock, who tweeted on Wednesday that we should expect it in about a week, so around August 9 or 10. Sources say that David Ruddock is highly reliable and can be believed.


Android O

However, Google has not announced anything till now. Pixel 2 will work on Android O. It is expected that we may get to see Android O in Pixel 2 before October.


Even if Android O is released next week, do not expect it to get in your device anytime soon. It will take some time for the other handsets to get the update after its release. We can get to see some high profile handsets operate on Android O before the year ends.



And it’s an update you will certainly want, which will boost your system, offer picture-in-picture mode, will also include improved power saving features and more all confirmed for Google’s operating system update.

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