Android ‘O’ Is Here & It Vows To Impress You: Everything We Know So Far

Android O Beta, the successor of Android Nougat, triggered sensation among the users after it was officially announced at the Google I/O developer conference. Addressing the gathering, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed some of the key features to be found in the latest Android upgrade.

Though we get an idea about the expected features to be found in the latest Android O Beta version, the decipher of the 'O' still remains a mystery. However, considering Google's fondness for desserts, it is not hard to guess that the 'O' could stand for something related to sweetness. And our most appropriate guess will be 'Oreo'. Let's wait for it!


The latest Android O is stacked with some amazing staggering features which will boost up your smartphone. Whether it is the speed of your phone or the battery backup, the Android O will enhance the user’s experience. From high-end phones to mid-range affordable phones, Google has to fulfill the expectation of every active user.

Now let’s go through the high-end specs of Android O Beta:-


  • With the introduction of Android O, the fluid experiences will be further enhanced and will be used till its optimum level.
  • Google’s machine learning language can upgrade the search engine and other features such as facial recognition, improved translations and much more.
  • The latest addition is that of Notification Dots which will show a dot on top of an icon indicating new notifications in that respective app. The color of the dot will be of the color of the icon which you need to press the icon for a long time to check the notification for that particular app.
  • The new Picture-In-Picture has been started and along with that multi-tasking has also been greatly improved. In Android O, YouTube will support PiP and users can press the home button and use other apps whilst the video appears in a small movable window on the main screen. As of now, only YouTube and Google Duo video calling support the function.
  • The next feature coming up is very useful. You don’t have to type your passwords each time you open an app as auto fill quickly logs into your profile. Android will remember your passwords and keep it secure.
  • Copy paste option is regularly used by everyone. And Android O will improve this also as Smart Paste Selection. For example, if you highlight a phone number you can simply tap it to dial it or select an address and you can directly start navigating in Google maps.



  • The vital experiences of Google which are non-visible Android optimization are known as vitals. The battery life has been tremendously improved under Android O. The background apps will be put to standby mode thus accessing the hardware.
  • Even the apps you download or update will be regularly checked by the android security.
  • Android O also will boost the phone’s speed and also of every single app so that you can use the phone to the fullest. The speed will be twice of your smartphone using Android O.
  • In Android O Developer Tools have been broken down as network, memory, and CPU in an easily visible tab in Android Studio.
  • Google has introduced Kotlin as their official supported language for Android in addition to Java and C++. You can download a Kotlin plug and start developing in Android studio.

The Android O Beta can be installed in the latest Google Pixel and Nexus models. So if you own one, then upgrade your phone to the latest Android OS and enjoy these seamless services!


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