Android Oreo will be named as Android Orellete, said to Announced on August 21

Fresh rumors have come up saying that Google won’t be launching any Oreo cookie tomorrow. Earlier Google had decided to launch the next version of Android Nougat on the day of Solar Eclipse.


A Google teaser with the file name GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4 was shortly available on G+, indicating to Android O's market name.


Sources suggest that Android O will be given a new name. Initially, Android O was speculated to be named as Android Oreo, but now Cliff Wade, customer support manager for Nova Launcher, claims the name of Google's next iterative mobile platform will be Android 8.0 Orellete.

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Cliff Wade claimed that the information was revealed from a source who doesn’t wish to be named but he seems to be pretty sure that Google will not name the latest OS as Oreo, which was discussed previously.


Orellete is a sweet Catalan pastries that are usually served at weddings. No one knows the reason as to why did Google choose this name.

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