Android O’s name may have been finalized and revealed!


Every year Google releases the higher version of the Android operating system. And as it gets a higher increment, the operating system goes through many vital changes.


We had already informed you about the latest operating system from Google, Android 8.0 named as Android O. Android O will most probably release in August and we will finally get to know what "O" stands for.

Initially, techies guessed it the "O" could stand for Oreo, but as per the fresh speculations from the internal code of the developers handle, Android O would be Oatmeal Cookie or Oat Cookie.

But it is said that Oatmeal Cookie may be the final name of Google's next crucial mobile operating system as it has been flaunted in some Google I/O images, thus the chances are higher.

But also we should not ignore the fact that Google frequently makes differences between internal names and trade names. So later "Oatmeal Cookie" can be coded as something else.

And this can be drawn from the past. Key Lime Pie was later known as Kit Kat and then Lemon Meringue Pie ended up as Lollipop and Macadamia Nut Cookie is known as Marshmallow also, Nougat was previously called as Macadamia Nut Cookie.

So considering the former names even Oatmeal cookie may be named as Android Oreo. However, nothing has been confirmed officially. So we have to wait for some more weeks most likely the first week of August, for Google to unveil its latest Android mobile operating system.


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