MoviPhone: Android Phone With Built-in Projector

As we all are aware that most of the video viewing happens only through the smartphone. The smartphones nowadays are more of an entertainment device rather than a mobile. At times, we may get fed up watching those lengthy movies or your favourite TV shows in those pocket-sized smartphones.

This is where the need for Movi comes in. Movi is an Android smartphone that holds in-built projector. The company Wireless Mobi Solution from San Diego displayed the innovative mid-range smartphone with a built-in HD projector at CES 2018.


The 50-lumen projector is capable of illuminating 720p image up to 100 inches in size diagonally. The projector just mirrors the image onto the screen or wall. The exciting thing with the Movi phone is whenever the projector is disabled you will never know that the phone had that feature.

The mid-range smartphone is equipped with 4000 mAh battery that can last for four hours with the projector on. The image automatically converts into the landscape mode, so you need not change the phone’s orientation manually. The picture quality and sharpness of the image is not yet identified at CES 2018 as it is expected to perform well in low-light conditions.


The Movi Phone sports 5.5-inches full HD display. It offers 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera with a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. The 1.5GHz octa-core MediaTek processor is accompanied by a 128GB of internal storage and runs on an Android stock version.

However, it is quite refreshing to see a smartphone with some interesting and exciting features. It is good to know that instead of competing with other tech giants and copying the features, the WMS has come with a different thought that is more useful. Of course with this invention, now we can see other smartphone makers trying to indulge the same feature in the near future.

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