Andromeda- Microsoft Foldable Phone Gets an Official Tease

We all are aware that Microsoft was unable to make its name, especially in the mobile industry. Despite having a better OS system platform it was quite unsuccessful with Windows Phone. According to the latest reports, Microsoft is working on the alleged Andromeda foldable smartphone. This is an open rumor since few months when initial leaks appeared. This foldable device can be a mobile phone or a tablet that packs in all the functions and features of the mobile phone, electronic ink and Windows 10 for the ARM.

Andromeda is a new device that the tech giant is operating on secretly. It will definitely be a chronicle of Windows 10 given to a stretchable tablet or mobile. So, probably in future, we can see the device that would be a mix of both Android and Chrome OS. However, it is not ought to be a smartphone killer but it is just a pocket-size notebook that incorporates mobile phone features.


The rumored Andromeda foldable device will have the same windows setup with start button, menu along with the support for photos and Edge. As usual, Andromeda runs on an ARM with the latest Snapdragon platform. Recently both Qualcomm and Microsoft confirmed the trails of Windows 10 devices with Snapdragon 845 chip. This device may be given a name as Surface Note or Surface Journal. But to mention, this will not compete with either iPhone or Android smartphones.

Recently, Microsoft introduced the preview of the latest Windows SDK. According to Alex Ionescu, this build 17095 holds a reference to Andromeda product in its development kit. This simply tells that the product still exists and is in works. This hybrid product will almost be similar to the Nintendo DS with some added features and design. It is likely to feature two touchscreens with a hinge. The device is further given a precision pencil that allows you to write notes, draw, etc. It may be available in two storage variants- 64GB and 128GB.


If these rumors are to be true, then Microsoft may launch the Andromeda foldable device at any point in 2018. There is official information about the launch details of this prototype. Until the official launch, everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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