Another Apple Leak: Reveals iPhone 8 Feature

We are just a few weeks away from the most anticipated Apple iPhone 8. And recently some sources have leaked the different color options of the stylish iPhone 8.
In China, a photograph was published which is showing the different shades of the iPhone 8 but the fact is we have already seen the iPhone devices before in those similar colors.
The new colors failed to surprise us because it was just the reinterpretations of what we already have in the market. The name of the colors is copper, glossy black and pearl which was earlier called as Golden Rose, Jet Black, and Space Gray.

iPhone 8
However, nothing has been yet confirmed as to whether the iPhone will come in the new colors. It might also happen that it may just arrive in two colors that are blue and white. iPhone 7 was about to come in blue color, which was later canceled to focus on other colors. In the mean, while the white color has also been shuffled, it seems that it wants to be tied with Apple Watch.
Just after some more days, Apple will present its three new iPhones differentiated by size. It seems that the new version of the iPhone SE is delayed its announcement until the month of March and will be focused on the emerging market, while the new Apple Watch will be announced in the coming weeks with LTE/4G features.

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