Apple To Become World’s First Trillion Dollar Company Soon!

We all know that Apple will be celebrating its iPhone 10th anniversary this year. However, the global tech company has found another reason to rejoice the occasion even more. Apple recently recorded the highest stocks ever by exceeding the $153.50 bn margin for the first time. Apple's shares have escalated up to 50 % in the past few months. Though there was a slight decline in the iPhone sales following the hype over its 10th-anniversary release, iPhone 8, Apple has maintained stagnancy in its overall sales rate.

People have been restraining from purchasing the current iPhone 7 model, waiting for the upcoming next-gen flagship iPhone 8, which is touted to be equipped with some 'never-seen-before' features. However, the iPhone market sales have clearly not hindered the growth of Apple shares. For the first time in the history of the company, Apple's market limit has exceeded $800 billion valuations. Apple has an enormous 5.2 billion shares in circulation.


Apple analyst Brian White of Wall Street investment firm Drexel Hamilton cited that the company's shares will further receive a remarkable hike in the next quarter. He pushed the company's 12 months price target to $202 a share from $185 per share, which implies that Apple could be the first to enter the trillion dollar box within next year. Moreover, the launch of iPhone 8 in the next quarter is expected to trigger the sales rate way ahead of the current scenario.

Apple had received its first low in the annual revenue with the stocks dropping to $89.47 in 2016. But ever since, the global giant has maintained new records in revenue with increasing shares.

As per official data, other top valued companies across the globe after Apple, in terms of market value, are Google's parent company Alphabet at $573 billion, followed by Microsoft at $508 billion, Amazon at $423 billion, and Berkshire Hathaway at $441 billion.


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