Apple to Buy Shazam Music Recognition App

The tech giant Apple is making its own way in the music field. It is planning to buy a Shazam music identification app that lets the user identify songs. With this move, we think that it is trying to compete with its popular rival Spotify.


Few sources reveal that the deal is still in talks and it could be finalized in the next week. Shazam is offering its high tech solution in music identification since 1999. Last year, Shazam announced that it had completed one billion downloads on smartphones. Apart from identifying music, Shazam app can also recognize TV shows.

The music recognition app features famous music service that may include iTunes and Apple music. The Apple music subscribers can quickly add the identified song to the customized playlist. Currently, Apple music holds around 27 million subscribers. Its rival streaming service Spotify stands ahead with 60 million users.

Rumors suggest that Apple is ready to pay $400 million for Shazam app. If everything goes well, the deal may be signed in the coming week. Shazam is making more profits by linking up with the top tech firms like Spotify. Now Apple is in line to get the famous application.

If Apple successfully acquires Shazam for the specified price, then this would be the second largest purchase by the tech giant in recent times.

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