Apple Face ID Fails Miserably !

Apple removed the home button in the latest iPhone X and instead they proudly introduced the ambitious Face ID technology. Many people are liking the new feature, some are missing the home button and some are hesitant about the accuracy of the Face ID.

And many people have scrutinized the accuracy and sharpness of the Face ID system, where the new feature has failed. Check out the video below where two brothers (not even twins) were able to unlock the device by the Face ID easily-

Apple had claimed that the Face ID setup will offer a better security as compared with the Touch ID sensor. The chances of somebody else unlocking our smartphone is around 1 to 1,000,000 whereas for a touch ID it would be 1 in 50,000.

The elder brothers had set up the face ID technology and then the younger one tried to unlock. Yes, in the first attempt the younger brother could not unlock it however after a couple of more tries the younger sibling easily unlocked the iPhone X.

face ID

However, the younger brother entered the security pin many a time may be then the Face ID recognized the user since both the brothers looked quite same and both had glasses.

Now Apple has also said that children under 13 years may not be able successful to set a Face ID as their faces are not fully developed.

So this is a big question is that how can we believe the accuracy of the face ID of the iPhone X. Similar kind of face or glasses cannot be blamed. In order to avoid any unauthorized use of the iPhone, Apple needs to improve the Face ID technology.

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