Apple iPhone 8- The Extravagant Smartphone

Everyone’s eyes are on the flamboyant iPhone 8 which is going to be unveiled on September 12, Tuesday at 9:00 pm Dubai Time, (10:00 am Pacific Time). The event is going to be held at the new Steve Jobs Theatre.


There is no doubt that iPhone 8 is going to be exorbitantly priced because it comprises of stellar specs which we have never seen before. iPhone 8 is said to be the best of the iPhone series.


As per the reports in Verge and Gizmodo, iPhone 8 will price approximately AED3600.


In the past no ever iPhone was as expensive as this one. There are many spectacular features in iPhone 8 which makes it to be an expensive device.

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Here are some of the interesting features of the forthcoming Apple handset-


* Portrait Lighting - 9to5Mac says that the new camera will support different kinds of lighting conditions when taking portraits. These will enhance the capabilities of the native flash while taking photos.


* New video speeds - The highest video speed according to the leak is 1080p HD at 240 fps.

* Face ID - This new facial recognition feature will allow users to unlock their iPhones by just looking at it.

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