Apple iPhone 8: A Fresh Detailed Leaked Video From Every Angle


Apple iPhone 8 is expected to roll the floors in September this year and as the day is coming nearer the inquisitiveness is rising up. Moreover, the various rumored specs and the leaks tease us making us excited to want more info about the flagship phone which is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary.


Steve Hemmerstoffer, leaked a detailed video of Apple iPhone 8 as to what it will look like. Thanks to the video because that has given us a detailed introspection of the flagship phone from every angle.


The video says that it is based on the features which are also known as 3D CAD drawings that are said to be derived "from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone".


iPhone 8 will have a bezel-less display of 5.8 inches and will be glass bodied. The selfie camera will comprise of HD lens as shown in the fresh video. And the primary camera will boast a Dual camera module with sideways also known as Gangster Style. The quad-LED True Tone flash is placed in the middle of the two lenses.


So what is missing? The physical home button has been removed has been removed from Apple iPhone 8. However, it is expected that the makers may set the home button within the glass along with fingerprint sensor.



Another fact which the video has leaked is that the size of the flagship phone will be small and have a dimension of 71mm x 143mm x 7.4mm, somewhat closer to iPhone 7.


So thanks to the video which has shed a light on some important aspects of iPhone 8.  Apple iPhone 8 will be launched in mid-September and then hit the market after some weeks. You have to wait for some more months to grab the stylish Apple iPhone 8.

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