Apple iPhone 8 Review, Launch Date and iPhone 8 Price in Dubai

One of the most awaited smartphones that have already been predicted to be the best seller in the smartphone market by one of the most famous analyst is all set to launch within the next few months! That’s right, it’s the iPhone 8 and it is expected to be one of the best in its family so the hype of the phone is very high in the market right now. Apple being the top most manufacturers of the smartest phones, observed a downtrend in its sales with the release of iPhone 7 series and it seems like that now Apple computers has pulled up its socks and is all ready to make a great comeback with the revolutionary iPhone 8.


Being famous for setting trends and taking bold steps, it removed the 3.5mm audio jack in the previous version which was not easily accepted by the general public. However, continuing the trend of upgrading, it still probably will not have the audio jack. There have been many leaks from authentic sources about the upcoming iPhone 8 and critics are drooling over it already. Likewise, users are expected to be blown away by the features as well as the design of the iPhone 8 and entering its 10th year of manufacturing iPhones, people are already expecting something very big this time.

The iPhone is likely to skip the ‘S’ model or possibly straight go to the iPhone 10 and there also might be a third high-end model featuring a larger, 5.8-inch screen. Moreover, a new solid color is expected to join the squad which could possibly be red so iPhone is all set to leave a bold impact in the market with its design statement. Talking about the design, it is also expected to be completely overhauled and might not have a home button. This could mean that the home button would probably be embedded into the front glass panel, making it invisible and accessible. There is no doubt in the fact that Apple offers phone sets with not just high-end features but also the classiest outlook of the phone that makes it visually appealing. The Leaked images of iPhone 8 show an edge to edge bezel-less phone and it might ditch the aluminum body and opt for ceramic or glass body this time.
Talking about the screen, an OLED screen is expected out of it which means that the users might be able to enjoy sharper displays and low power consumption.
The camera is one of the most distinct and demanded features on all iPhones. While the users expect the iPhone 8 to sport an improved telephoto lens and a bigger camera, Apple might come up with facial recognition technology via laser as well!

Moreover, wireless charging is one of the technology Apple has been working on from quite some time and is probably going to introduce this feature on iPhone’s tenth anniversary. The circuitry is expected to be smaller to make room for a larger, long-lasting battery. The lightning port, however, will stay in its place.

Apple iPhone 8 Launch:
Apple iPhone 8 is expected to launch in Dubai and other regions in Septemeber 2018

Apple iPhone 8 Price in Dubai:

Apple iPhone 8 price in Dubai will be around AED 3100 AED in starting, This Apple iPhone 8 price is also same for Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman.

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