Apple iPhone 8 v/s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 v/s LG V30: Size Comparison

This is the most thrilling time of the year. Just after a few days, Samsung will unwrap their Galaxy Note 8 and by the end of August, we may get to see the flagship device LG V30. And the highly anticipated iPhone 8 may be rolled out in September.

So isn’t it a great time for the mobile addicts, three flagship devices more or less at the same time! Nothing could be better than this.

All these terrific upcoming devices comprise of latest features. So far we have witnessed plenty of leaked information, images, and features. And all these will be confirmed once they are officially released.

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We have some tentative idea as to how the three forthcoming handsets will look like. We also have the exact size of the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and iPhone 8. Today we will go through size comparison of the three handsets which are soon going to hit the shelves.

Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30
The most common feature of the iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 is all three features an AMOLED display.

The iPhone 8 has the smallest display of 5.8 inches, Galaxy Note 8 is expected to sport a large screen of 6.3 inches and the V30 may flaunt a 6 inches display.

Another striking difference is that the Galaxy Note 8 and V30 have uninterrupted displays with a slight curve on all the four edges. The curve is more prominent on LG V30 and less on the Note 8.

When it comes to thickness the LG V30 is said to be the slimmest at just 7.4mm and the iPhone 8 is also quite slim measuring 7.5 mm only. While the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be 8.5mm.

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