Apple iPhone X Features to be copied by Android Companies

Guess What? Android companies are trying to copy iPhone X! This seems really interesting. Let us have a look at the most important feature which is being copied. We are aware that Apple is the only company that sets some new standard in the mobile industry.


Apple launched iPhone 5s in 2013 with the fingerprint scanner. Some Android companies had already implemented the touch ID scanner, but it was Apple who made this concept user-friendly.

Now in 2017, the history repeats and Apple has come up with another excellent feature- Face ID. And the Android Smartphone makers are all set to follow Apple's footsteps.


Facial recognition was implemented in smartphones long back, but it is the Cupertino Company that has put everything on track. Here we are not talking about the controversial “Top Notch” design, in fact, it is everything about what inside the notch that is being copied.


Some sources revealed that the company took many years to develop this fabulous camera system that enables Face ID. This technology scans the face using camera and sensors to unlock the phone.

Apple moved further and even introduced a feature to scan the face in dark. Though Apple took some time to introduce the Face ID, it has taken all precautions to ensure security and privacy.

Phil Schiller, the Apple’s Marketing chief, during the Face ID launch quoted that “"Nothing has ever been simpler or more secure".

The True-Depth camera utilizes 30000 infrared dots to scan user’s face. Reports suggest that the suppliers like Himax technologies, Sunny optical, Largan Precision are providing the necessary parts to build the ID sensing technology for Android companies. Apple already gets the required camera lens from Largan.

Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo are trying hard to develop the Apple's face-scanning technology. However, reports from other sources revealed that Samsung is already on its way to replicate similar technology in 2018.

Face ID is an excellent replacement for the Fingerprint sensor. This facial sensing technology is a future of smartphone. So there is nothing wrong if Android manufacturers are trying to copy the same.

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