Apple iPhone X Thrashes Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in OLED Burn-in Test

The Apple iPhone X is perhaps the hottest Smartphone of 2017. This is the first smartphone with OLED display and is now the most-happening display in the entire world. The Samsung manufactured OLED display when works with the Apple’s tuning tricks the results should obviously hit the sky.


The Korean website, Cetizen recently performed a burn-in test of iPhone X, comparing it with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Burn-in test is to measure how long it takes to produce a burn-in image in the either of the models. Surprisingly, it took more than 510 hours to find noticeable effects.

Smartphones with OLED display face Burn-in Issue

Though OLED displays deliver the beautiful quality premium look, but the only downside of the OLED displays is its propensity for burn-in. Many Smartphone’s with OLED display face this OLED burn-in problem. But Apple referring to the issue announced that it will diligently work on to mitigate OLED burn-in issues. And with this Cetizen burn-in test, it appears that Apple has just done that in its OLED display in iPhone X.

iPhone X Incredible performance in Screen Burn-in test

Both the mobile phones were subjected to the static image with maximum brightness. Later the devices were monitored at regular intervals for the one that gets affected easily.

Initially, iPhone X disappointed everyone by showing off the signs of burn-in after 17 hours of usage. But it was barely noticeable. Later, Galaxy Note 8 shows signs of burn-in after 62 hours.


In total, it took around 510 hours for iPhone X to show off permanent burn-in effect. After 510 hours, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was even worse.

However, to mention none of us may use the same image for the continuous 510 hours. We think you need not worry about this as it is highly unlikely to encounter this problem.

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