Apple iPhones Register Low Sale Rate, Macs Strike Balance In Revenue

Apple has registered consistent profit in the sales of their products year after year. The recent financial revenue report, submitted by the global tech company for its second fiscal Q2 of 2017, showed the total revenue collected per units of their products till March 31, 2017.


As per the official data, the company has received expected growth in the sales of their iPads and Macs. However, there was a slight decline in the sale of iPhones in the second quarter. The reason could be the hype about Apple iPhone's 10th-anniversary edition, dubbed as iPhone 8. Rumor mills have been rife ever since news about this next-generation handset took off the internet. So probably iPhone lovers are waiting to grab the upcoming gadget without investing on the previous models, which could be the cause behind the sales figure plummet.


On the other hand, sales of Apple Mac have been the maximum as the giant conglomerate has successfully managed to sell 4,199 units of the gadget at a $5,844 billion revenue for the quarter.


Talking about the overall revenue graph, Apple has outshined the figures of last year, which was $50.6 billion in 2016, by collecting a revenue of $52.9 billion, for the same quarter. Previously analysts had predicted that Apple will record at least $53.079 billion in the revenue. Though the current record is slightly less than the forecasted prediction, it, however, settles under Apple's own prediction of revenue, which was between $51.5 billion to $53.5 billion margins.


In terms of the sale of iPhones during the quarter, there has been a drop in the trade. Apple has managed to sell only 50.763mn iPhones at $33.249 billion in revenue as compared to the 51.193mn iPhones sold in the same quarter of 2016 at $32.857 billion.

After the balanced revenue report for the quarter, Apple has geared up to push the profit rate further with the launch of its magnificent gadgets in the next quarter.

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