Apple to Launch Three New iPhones Including the Biggest iPhone Ever in 2018

Apple is tipped to release a trio of smartphones later in 2018. All the three smartphones are likely to copy iPhone X. It is not sure whether the upcoming iPhones will include the controversial notch or not. Out of three iPhones, one would be the iPhone X direct successor, another would be the larger display iPhone. This would probably be the biggest display iPhone ever. And the third iPhone is expected to be the cheaper model including the LCD screen.


The lower variant model may boast 6.1-inches LCD display which is larger than the iPhone 8 Plus and may have a face ID technology integrated into the device. However, to maintain the device at a lower price, Apple may prefer using single camera module rather than the dual rear camera. The stainless steel edges may be replaced with aluminum edges.

As for the largest iPhone X Plus, it would come up with the challenging 6.5-inches display screen. This is much bigger than the present iPhone X 5.8-inches display. If rumors are to be true, then this would be the largest smartphone ever in the market. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus boasts 6.2-inches display. Being the largest screen smartphone, the device will carry the highest resolution of 1242 X 2688 pixels.


The successor of iPhone X with the code name D32 may pack in A12 processor and will retain all the features of iPhone X including Face ID and OLED display. Furthermore, it may run on iOS 12 OS with a primary focus on enhancing stability with consistency. Apple may explore the new dual-SIM card option with the iPhone X successor. There are several rumors over in air about the Appleā€™s smartphone lineup. Since the launch is far away, the specifications or design may change at any time. We can be sure that all the three iPhone models will feature TrueDepth sensor for FaceID and may ditch Touch ID. Considering the specs, the upcoming iPhones are addressed to different markets which is quite satisfactory to learn.

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